Listen to YouTube videos audio on Windows Phone!!!

We all were waiting for the day when we could stream the audio of YouTube videos without having the video open on our phones.

Well, that day has come. In Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Mobile preview build 10149 Microsoft Edge( the default browser now is provided). While the browser does have bugs like shutting down or URL not getting typed, it does have some great features.

It seems as though if you don’t open a tab and type a URL, the page wont load. That does get irritating.

The good news is that the browser is really amazing. It is almost the same as a PC browser.

On opening a video on YouTube, we just minimized the app and the music was still playing. Even on switching tabs and locking the phone it worked.

Hence we appeal to Microsoft. Don’t spoil this. Please. We want this feature. If it was a bug please make it a stable feature and don’t squash it.


Most of us carry our phones with us where ever we go and some people literally follow that rule.
By the time we’re done with this segment your phone will be your central hub, all the way from music to jotting down notes.
We’ll kick off the entertainment section with the audio and motion category for windows phones.
Audio and Motion
1.) TuneIn radio– The perfect audio companion if you have 3G/4G/Wi-Fi access. You can choose from thousands of online radio stations and listen to music, news and even talk shows.
Hint- This app is great for discovering new music and for listening to music according to genre. One classic rock song after another with no songs full of sobbing in between 😉 is what we’re talking about.
2.) Sound Hound– I personally recommend this over shazam as I find it more accurate, faster and feature filled. You can also discover new music, see which are the hottest songs and listen to snippets of them.
3.) easyRing & music, mega tube(unpublished unfortunately but …) and tube pro we have already reviewed but once again easyRing & music save us the headache called zune and is quite convenient to get tracks from youtube, megatube and tube pro let you download or watch youtube videos.
4.)Netflix– netflix is currently available within U.S. territories so we living outside have no access to its content(well not directly atleast…hint-VPN). Great content and videos resumable across multiple devices. A must have for those lucky people.