Whatsapp Video Calling

In the latest Android beta update for WhatsApp, video calling is now an option. Simply press the phone icon and you get a pop up to choose either audio or video call.


Whatsapp for windows phone updated

Windows Phone owners can rejoice. Whatsapp finally launched an update to fill the gap between the windows phone and iOs/android version.
Users can now use whatsapp calling and even hide the blue ticks(finally!!).
They’ve also changed the UI a bit. Now on your chats page, on top there is a small icon showing total number of unread messages. This is useful as, if we get bombarded with messages from many people, older unread ones we forget to check.

The biggest drawback is that the new call button is where the emoji button was. So expect to end up calling people by mistake a lot( you can then send them 🙈).
This does get irritating at some point.
There is no way to make calls WiFi only like the option we get for media download.
Also if your phone is locked, don’t expect it to ring. Most likely you’ll get a message saying missed call.

Still, we suggest you get the update as it is stable and fills the gap.

Enable Whatsapp Calling

Step-1: Install the WhatsApp apk from their site

Step-2: Navigate to data/data/com.whatsapp/shred_prefs/com.whatsapp_preferences.xml
Note: Root files access needed to be enabled.

Step-3: Add the following  within the < map > < / map >and save:
C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_whatsapp-calling-feature (10)

Step-4: Go to Settings/Apps/Whatsapp and force stop it

Step-5: Start WhatsApp again

Note: WhatsApp call servers are down, so while you get the feature you need to wait for them to be up to actually use it

WhatsApp temporarily down, causing issues on windows phone on installing.

Emily (WhatsApp Support)

Dec 18 15:23


Thanks for your message.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
We were experiencing a temporary outage. Our service is now restored.

Thank you for your patience.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help!


WhatsApp Support Team

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Take a look at our FAQ: http://www.whatsapp.com/faq

Disable WhatsApp blueticks on Android

The latest WhatsApp android beta update lets you now disable the annoying blue ticks and enjoy some privacy again.
Download the apk from here Official Whatsapp apk and install the app by allowing installation from unknown sources. Go to privacy settings and disable blue ticks. Please note that the apk is official and will download from whatsapps site and is not hosted by us or anyone else.
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whatsapp back for windows phone and updated

Good news for all windows phone users.
Whatsapp is back on the windows phone store and its been updated.
Now you can add chat backgrounds, change privacy settings to hide last seen etc, and turn off auto download of media too!!!!
This brings it on par with the versions of whatsapp on other operating systems. We suggest you update the app now.
Here’s the communication we received from whatsapp

We recently released an update (Version 2.11.490) to WhatsApp for Windows Phone. It includes bug fixes and new features.

Please download the latest version of our app from [Marketplace](http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/whatsapp/218a0ebb-1585-4c7e-a9ec-054cf4569a79) and let me know if you are still experiencing the same issue.

WhatsApp Support Team


The time has come when technology has taken away our spare time. One of the main contributing sources is the smartphone category and its wide range of messaging applications. Whenever we are free, we message someone to “talk to”. Before the advent of smartphones and their variety of apps, calling and SMS were used. Not many people used SMS because the cost of every message made unnecessary conversation a burden. People used to call and talk but now everyone wants to multitask and for free..why call one person(or use conference where everyone speaks at the same time leading to confusion) when you could “talk” to many for free. Would I rather sit searching for signal and then talk to someone int he phone,unable to watch a movie with the volume high or listening to music or would I prefer messaging someone for free and do all this other stuff too?…I have seen the trend change..from 500 SMS’s that I sent in a month,I now send probably 2.
My verdict is that Whatsapp(they should be proud of themselves… I think they’ve dominated the messaging market) killed SMS and also calling partly…(at least for me)
People prefer messaging as you get time to think, you have a previous conversation you can refer to, you can avoid people too.
Due to the FREE factor and the above mentioned, all we do now is…message long forwarded jokes all the way to the irritating”k”.
It’s time that messaging apps come with custom keyboards that optimize app usage. Whatsapp has the widest reach in terms of number of supported devices(Symbian anyone??) and will dominate till someone comes up with selective telepathic messaging 😛
Whatsapp we believe more convenient than bbm as we can communicate with people who dont have iPhones or android phones with ICS and above….well this is my view and im a windows phone user 😀 so its obvious.
Till then keep messaging and let us know which app you use and whether messaging has changed your life.

Is your locked app really secure??

We at Appcyla enjoy finding back doors in android apps. Just because you have locked an app, it doesn’t mean nobody can access it. We’re going to explain this with the help of an example so you can try our method.

Consider the app you have locked is Whatsapp(majority people lock this app) and the app used to lock is AppLock(now even AVG!!!)

Step 1) Check to see if phone settings are locked.

if not locked,proceed to step 2, else wait for our future post explaining a bypass for this.

Step 2) Go into app settings

Step 3)click on AppLock(or whatever lock app is there)

Step 4)Clear the apps cache(here AppLock’s cache) and force close it

Step 5)Go to Whatsapp(or any app ) which was locked, it will be unlocked now

Step 6)If you were snooping about, then just open and shut AppLock, the apps will get locked again and no trace of app being opened will be left.

Now from all this we can see that simply locking an app is not enough. Majority people only lock an app and not settings and package installer and file explorer(and apps for file exploring and access etc like titanium backapp)

Here is how to secure your app

1)lock settings

2)lock package installer

3)lock all file explorers

4)put the option to install apps from unknown source off(use only when you need it) as someone could easy install an app from browser to access files etc

5)Lock the app you want to secure