Archiver is not a new app on the windows phone store. It goes quite neglected as many people do not realize its value. Many times we need to send a bunch of files to someone either via Bluetooth, email or some other means from out phones. Attaching each file individually or sending each separately is a headache. This app allows you to create an archive of whichever files you want, whether stored in your one drive account or on your phone/ SD card. Simply choose whether you want to open an archive or create an archive.

It supports the following formats:







and creating archives of type:



whats more is you can even choose the speed of compression.

This is one app whose features should have been baked into the file app by Microsoft, but since it isn’t, we recommend you download this handy app.

Windows Phone Store: Archiver


Flud – Torrent Downloader

We sure have a ton of torrent downloading clients on the Play Store. Considering the fact that the official apps of µtorrent and Bitorrent are available people don’t tend to rely more on other apps.

However both of the official apps are lack flavor in terms of the user interface and design. That’s where this app strikes the exact cord! Flud is a fully functional torrent downloading client that has a Material Design UI. Trust me when I say you wouldn’t like using other apps after using this app! It’s not just about the user experience in terms of design and layout but also about the few extra features this app provides.

The prominent features include:

  1. Ability to view the peer IP addresses and the trackers
  2. Material Design UI
  3. The material design themes supports both light as well as dark modes
  4. Individually select which files to download
  5. Encryption support, IP filtering support. Proxy Support for trackers and peers
  6. Notification for Download Complete.
  7. The persistent app notification shows the current upload and download speeds

In case you want to shutdown the app for some reason, you can do it directly from the notification rather than opening the app first and then doing it. Not something really great, but comes handy at times! 😛

This is what separates it from the other apps.

Download Link : Flud

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Pastebin Manager

Pastebin Manager

Pastebin has recently been in the limelight with the snappening hacker putting his apology up there. Also the dropbox hack in which passwords and usernames were posted. Putting these incidents aside, Pastebin is a great web based utility to share snippets with either selective people or worldwide. Ever needed to send multiple people some really long text but find emailing say 100 people cumbersome. Simple paste the text and maybe keep it unlisted or private or even public with an expiry. The pastebin manager app for Windows Phone 8 is great. You can download pastes,view your paste status like hits, link details etc. You can also view the latest pastes on the site. A handy tool to have if you’re a student or even a professional.

Windows Phone Marketplace: Pastebin Manager

NeRdS Up!!

This post is all about a few of the Geeky apps that you will be interested in if you belong to a computer related field!!

The apps are selected as follows :

  • Codebox : Closer to machine (Mainly C/Java Algorithms)
  • LearnHTML5: Web frontend
  • MySQL: Web database backend (Coming up in the next post)
  • QPython (Coming up in the next post)

Thus they cover aspect of coding except for the Apps based on scripting languages, which we will be covering in the next post of NeRdS Up.


This app made its mark on the Play Store not only because of its simplistic  yet elegant GUI  but also because of the topics it covered in the application itself!

The application contains a list of important Data Structures and other Algorithms which will be of great use to Computer Science students.

The algorithms are given in two most popular languages C and Java

The app developers have made a simple slide it menu that comes very handy! The programs can be searched from within the app and can be shared too!



Converted_file_bbdf20da    Converted_file_97e6dce9


Play your favorite Gameboy games on your Windows Phone!


Most of us have played on the famous Nintendo Gameboys. Most of us remember games like Super Mario and Pokemon on the Gameboy. You can now get all nostalgic and relive those moments by playing these games on your Windows Phone.

VDA8 is one such app. It allows you to import ROMs from your Onedrive account or even from your SD card. The interface is clean and easy to use. We enjoyed playing our old games using this app.

As for the question from where to get the ROMs…just search for them online and you’re bound to find them.

Store Link-  VBA8

Proxy mobile number which also works on whatsapp!!!

textPlus Free Text  TextMe

UPDATE(3 OCT 2015)

The above 2 apps may generate numbers which are not recognized by whatsapp. We tried TextNow. This worked and allowed us to register on whatsapp. TextNow has calling features on Windows Phone too.

Check app availability for your device at

Get a proxy number to use whatsapp on!!!

This along with many other articles on going anonymous and going off the the grid using proxy identities will be explained in the upcoming posts in our new section “Off the Grid”.

Many a times we are asked by apps,signups etc to give a valid mobile number so as to receive the confirmation code(eg snapchat,Gmail etc).
The problem is that we may not want to part with our number or that the service is for only US residents and you need a US number.
There’s a workaround for this.
There are apps like TextMe and also TextPlus which can be used.
All you need to do is download the app, signup and you’ll be assigned a valid US number which is capable of sending and receiving SMSs. The android version also allows one to make calls using free credit that they give. The windows phone version of TextMe has one special feature. As calls are not possible in the windows phone version, it does however have a voicemail facility. We tried to register for a google account using this number and used the call me for verification method. The call didn’t come, however a voice message was left with the code.
These apps are a must have for those not eager to share their phone numbers or those wanting a proxy number. Yes, we even managed to register a whatsapp account on the number.
We’ll teach you how to register whatsapp on this number and how to use a disposable email id to sign up for these apps or rather anything in the coming posts in this new section “Off the Grid”.

TextMe- Windows Phone Android iPhone

textPlus- Windows Phone Android

Download playstore APKs anywhere

When I tried downloading bbm for my tablet, in playstore it showed me that my device was not supported although i my device was capable of running the app. The solution was to find the apk and install it manually. Many a times people fall victim to malicious apps parading about as apps which they really aren’t.

Luckily, there is this handy site where you just paste the playstore URL of the app you want and it either generates a download link for you to share or lets you directly download the apk from your browser.

This way, I safely safely aged to download all the apks of apps i couldn’t get on my device either due to region(eg the cbs app) in playstore or because the apps were for only certain manufacturers(eg Samsung link), without the risk of malware.

However please note that this will not work for paid apps and for a successful install of any app,your device must meet the os/hardware requirements of that app.

Try this service at  evozi apk downloader

Lucky Patcher

This application is used to apply patches(POWERFULLS ONES!!) to android apps. You can Control each app as you want!!
-You can remove licence Verification in paid apps.

– Change app Permissions and rebuild the whole app for reinstall.
(eg. disable component of the app that allows it to access sd card or camera or control vibration of the phone et cetra)

– You can disable adds directly by disabling the component if the app that enables adds

-You can also apply custom patches manually if you have the sufficient knowledge.

It features a whole lot of features that can be explored!
For obvious reasons this app is a non market app!!
The download link is given further down.



File expert for android

On opening the app what strikes you first is the clean interface…..with tabs!!! Quite feature filled. When you click eBooks, it searches for all eBooks on your device so you can have them at one place. The same goes for pics,videos music,documents,apps,apk files,zip files. There’s also an option to access cloud based files. To make things better theres even a safebox feature. The folders tab is like any other file explorer. An added pro is the memory manager in the my tools tab. Theres also an ftp option.
note: the pro key contains the root explorer,memory manager,safebox.
For a free app, the above features are great and for Rs. 50 or about one usd you can get the pro features

This is a necessary app today with all phones coming with huge internal and external memory options.






Audio Manager (Hide it Pro)

Title is totally misleading!!
It is actually a file hiding application..  But unlike other file hiding apps this is unique..
When you open the app the main window shows you audio controls i.e. Controlling the volume of ringing and notification and others
Thus even if your parents or anyone else opens the app they just see a volume control app!!!! (smart!!)

But on long pressing the title “audio manager” comes the actual app.
– hide pictures, videos
– plugins for hiding apps
-encrypting your files, incognito browsing feature for stock browser
– hide SMS too..

And many more features!

To know about Bypassing File Hiding apps like this one or any others go to :