Material design has taken over now. Some of us (including us) are paranoid about having as many apps as possible with Material Design and replace old KitKat apps.

As we continue to bring you apps that you may not come across at other sources, we are here with a news reading app. There are always alternatives to the ones already existing ones.


Flyne is very simple and intuitive app. The app is simple to use, you need to add all your possible soruces of news by searching them.

As you add them to your collection the feeds start to appear. The distinctive part of this app is the material design UI. It is really attractive and keeps you hooked onto the app, as apart to the Google Newfsfeed app that is bit laggy on low end devices.

Download : Flyne

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Material Design Wallpapers

It’s been time since Android L is here. The Material Design, featured in Android L has limited number wallpapers

However, there is no reason you should confine yourself to those limited wallpapers. Here are about 140+ material design/ Nexus 6 wallpapers, designed by a Google+ user.

Link: Material Wallpapers

Here is are two sample from the designs

m1 m2