Google play 4.5.10

Google started pushing version 4.5.10 of the Play Store app to devices. It’s not a major update, but it does add in the feature of letting you know if an app has in-app purchases. You will also find a bigger 5-star rating selector along with a new edit button for editing your app reviews. You can now finally delete them as well.

Also new is an activity feed that continues the integration with Google+. You can share your activity to Google+ including your +1s, ratings, etc.

You should get the update on your device within the next few days, but if you’re one of those people that’s gotta have it now, then click on the download link below. Enjoy!!
Download apk

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Google Play Newsstand

Converted_file_72573a94It has been sometime since we lost our dear Google Reader.. But Google has made up for that loss!

You surely know about Google Magazine.. Users in Asia may not because unfortunately it wasn’t available for them!!

But the new update of Google magazine replaces it with GOOGLE PLAY NEWSSTAND. 

It is available for all countries!(as far as we know). You can search the Play Store and get it.

The Play Neswsstand features the regional news channels feeds and subscription to all major sites like Techcrunch, Verge etc.. It brings back the RSS  subscription! You can directly search for your required feed in the top search bar and you’ll get a separate section of Feeds matching your search!!

It certainly seems that Google plans to dominate almost every aspect of your android user experience!!

Make sure you Download and try out the app!


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Is your locked app really secure??

We at Appcyla enjoy finding back doors in android apps. Just because you have locked an app, it doesn’t mean nobody can access it. We’re going to explain this with the help of an example so you can try our method.

Consider the app you have locked is Whatsapp(majority people lock this app) and the app used to lock is AppLock(now even AVG!!!)

Step 1) Check to see if phone settings are locked.

if not locked,proceed to step 2, else wait for our future post explaining a bypass for this.

Step 2) Go into app settings

Step 3)click on AppLock(or whatever lock app is there)

Step 4)Clear the apps cache(here AppLock’s cache) and force close it

Step 5)Go to Whatsapp(or any app ) which was locked, it will be unlocked now

Step 6)If you were snooping about, then just open and shut AppLock, the apps will get locked again and no trace of app being opened will be left.

Now from all this we can see that simply locking an app is not enough. Majority people only lock an app and not settings and package installer and file explorer(and apps for file exploring and access etc like titanium backapp)

Here is how to secure your app

1)lock settings

2)lock package installer

3)lock all file explorers

4)put the option to install apps from unknown source off(use only when you need it) as someone could easy install an app from browser to access files etc

5)Lock the app you want to secure

Transparent lockscreens

This is one of the most fascinating glitches of windows phone. You can have a transparent lock screen wallpaper. While sliding the lock screen up to unlock, the wallpaper becomes transparent and from certain parts you can even see the underlying tiles or running app!!!
It’s quite easy to do this. Here are the steps:-
1)Either google,create or use the sample wallpapers i have provided.
2)Make sure the format is png while downloading or creating.
3)**MOST IMPORTANT STEP**DO NOT SAVE THE PICTURE ON YOUR WINDOWS PHONE.(it will automatically get converted to a jpg and the trick will not work)
4)to get the file on the phone email it to an account on your phone.You can use the share picture function in your phone browser itself or use your computer to do so.
5)download the image from the email and select use as wallpaper(once again do this directly without saving to the phone).
6)You are all set to enjoy this glitch.
NOTE-if you have a lock screen password, disable it for best effects or else instead of seeing the underlying screen, you will see a copy of your keypad(this too is fascinating and worth checking out)

also get them at

Google Now Wallpaper

This is an app with which you can have GOOGLE NOW styled wallpapers on your home-screen.

  • It features 11 wallpapers each with 4 versions
  • 4 versions of wallpaper that change with the time of the day
  • User can schedule the change of wallpapers
  • Available in 2 versions : Normal and HD


**This isn’t a Live Wallpaper**

So it wont hog up your RAM. 🙂

A must check out app to decorate our screen and make it alive!!!!



Okay so google is shutting down google reader…so what!! With SimpiRSS get all your favourite feeds delivered to your windows phone.

The app is minimalistic, does not hog your data plan and is easy to use.

No account is needed, simply enter or search the feeds you want and start reading away. Swipe to change the feed is convenient.

Not a unique app, but it has something which most people would like but haven’t found….try it now!!!


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