Snaptastic for Windows Phone 7

Snaptastic for Snapchat

Windows Phone 7 users can rejoice. Developers still haven’t forgotten you. If some of you recall, we had earlier posted a review for a client for snapchat which was pulled down from the store so you needed an interop unlocked phone to install the XAP.

Now even users with non interop unlocked phones can snap away.

Snaptastic is great. It lets you view your score, best friends, your friends scores and best friends, their snap stories. You can even upload images from camera or gallery. The text font on image can be changed and you can draw on the images. We found it to be a great app which gets the job done. Not as robust as 6snap which Windows Phone 8 users have, but nevertheless a great app.

Start snapping away now!!

Store: Snaptastic


Download music from YouTube for Windows Phone

Downloading music from certain sites pose security threats along with legal issues. But what do you do when you want that new song? 

Its simple. You download 

Youtube MP3 Music & Video Downloader Free

Using this app you can download songs from YouTube in various qualities(320 kbps,128 kbps,64 kbps). Next go to the download screen and on long pressing the song you downloaded, select the import to library option and then delete this song from download list.

If you open your music library, you will see this song added to your collection. 

Its as simple as this!!!!

Marketplace link – Download

NeRdS Up!!

This post is all about a few of the Geeky apps that you will be interested in if you belong to a computer related field!!

The apps are selected as follows :

  • Codebox : Closer to machine (Mainly C/Java Algorithms)
  • LearnHTML5: Web frontend
  • MySQL: Web database backend (Coming up in the next post)
  • QPython (Coming up in the next post)

Thus they cover aspect of coding except for the Apps based on scripting languages, which we will be covering in the next post of NeRdS Up.


This app made its mark on the Play Store not only because of its simplistic  yet elegant GUI  but also because of the topics it covered in the application itself!

The application contains a list of important Data Structures and other Algorithms which will be of great use to Computer Science students.

The algorithms are given in two most popular languages C and Java

The app developers have made a simple slide it menu that comes very handy! The programs can be searched from within the app and can be shared too!



Converted_file_bbdf20da    Converted_file_97e6dce9


Play your favorite Gameboy games on your Windows Phone!


Most of us have played on the famous Nintendo Gameboys. Most of us remember games like Super Mario and Pokemon on the Gameboy. You can now get all nostalgic and relive those moments by playing these games on your Windows Phone.

VDA8 is one such app. It allows you to import ROMs from your Onedrive account or even from your SD card. The interface is clean and easy to use. We enjoyed playing our old games using this app.

As for the question from where to get the ROMs…just search for them online and you’re bound to find them.

Store Link-  VBA8

Proxy mobile number which also works on whatsapp!!!

textPlus Free Text  TextMe

UPDATE(3 OCT 2015)

The above 2 apps may generate numbers which are not recognized by whatsapp. We tried TextNow. This worked and allowed us to register on whatsapp. TextNow has calling features on Windows Phone too.

Check app availability for your device at

Get a proxy number to use whatsapp on!!!

This along with many other articles on going anonymous and going off the the grid using proxy identities will be explained in the upcoming posts in our new section “Off the Grid”.

Many a times we are asked by apps,signups etc to give a valid mobile number so as to receive the confirmation code(eg snapchat,Gmail etc).
The problem is that we may not want to part with our number or that the service is for only US residents and you need a US number.
There’s a workaround for this.
There are apps like TextMe and also TextPlus which can be used.
All you need to do is download the app, signup and you’ll be assigned a valid US number which is capable of sending and receiving SMSs. The android version also allows one to make calls using free credit that they give. The windows phone version of TextMe has one special feature. As calls are not possible in the windows phone version, it does however have a voicemail facility. We tried to register for a google account using this number and used the call me for verification method. The call didn’t come, however a voice message was left with the code.
These apps are a must have for those not eager to share their phone numbers or those wanting a proxy number. Yes, we even managed to register a whatsapp account on the number.
We’ll teach you how to register whatsapp on this number and how to use a disposable email id to sign up for these apps or rather anything in the coming posts in this new section “Off the Grid”.

TextMe- Windows Phone Android iPhone

textPlus- Windows Phone Android

How to win 2048


2048 is the latest addictive game to hit the market. The thing about this game is that it doesn’t frustrate you like flappy bird did. In fact you play it again and again in the hope that you reach the 2048 tile.

After playing this game for hours at a stretch, and days and days we finally got the 2048 tile(that is after we figured out a pattern). Since then,we’ve won the game nearly every time we’ve played.

Here’s how you too can win:

1)pick 3 directions. We picked up,left,right. Further instructions are as per our directions selected.

2)initially try to build up the topmost row and in one corner.

3)try building up that tile using a ladder technique.

4)do not move down until you are certain that will make the 2048 …or if you’re out of moves.

5)repeat this till you get the hang of it.

Try the game on windows phone,android,iOS or even in the browser on your computer.

Windows Phone





Screen CaptureScreen Capture (1) Screen Capture (2)




Screen Capture (3)Screen Capture (5) Screen Capture (6)Screen Capture (4)

The Spanish company Geeksphone, a pioneer in the design and manufacture of new generation smartphones, is finalizing updates related to its Geeksphone ‘Revolution’ terminal. In the upcoming days it will incorporate Android 4.4 Kit Kat and CyanogenMod 11(yes,they will give it to you!! No need to worry about warranty void), a new and more stable modification of Android 4.4 operating system, which offers more freedom to the user.

According to Antutu Benchmark, an application that measures device performances, Geeksphone ‘Revolution’ gets a score of 19,964, which makes it a leader in its segment. Furthermore, the performance of this device is significantly higher than the average of CPUs ARM quadcore equipped terminals, while battery life has an average of 3 days of normal use with FXOS (Boot2Gecko Mozilla) operating system. Geeksphone also announces today the compatibility with the future version of the FXOS 2.0 operating system, which will soon be available as beta.

Moreover, the new device features 1.6GHz Intel® Atom™ Z2560, with Intel ® Hyper-Threading technology processor, capable of delivering advanced multi-tasking capabilities, higher performance and longer battery life. In addition, besides being a powerful device, its most innovative feature is the ability for users to alternate their operating system without voiding the warranty(Thats the dream).

They are also trying out other open operating systems. We cant wait to see where this goes!!

Snapchat for Windows Phone



We have all heard about Snapchat. Android and iOS users enjoy this app, while Windows Phone users feel left out.

Windows Phone 8 users have a variety of unofficial Snapchat clients, some of which are better than the official android version or on par. Windows Phone 8 users can try using 6snap which offers a few extra, windows phone exclusive features.

6Snap Includes these snapchat features :
- share pictures and videos with snapchat users
- post snaps on your story
- see stories, best friends and score of your friends
- draw and add text to your pictures
- search snapchat friends on your phone
- save your picture on your phone
- front and back camera
- manage your snapchat privacy
- notifications with custom ringtone

and some exclusive features like:
- Lens support
- extend the picture hub (share menu, etc..)
- live tile

All this leaves Windows Phone 7 users feeling left out. For them, swapchat is the savior. Swapchat is a vary basic app, with abilities to only send snaps,add text and draw on them, view them, add friends, view best friends. There are no toast notifications, no stories. While this app lacks many features, its the only option available for Windows Phone 7 users who don't want to be left out.





note-Swapchat was taken of the marketplace. If you have an interop unlocked phone/can sideload apps, download the xap file from below.

6Snap for WP8
Swapchat for WP7

Pictastic for Instagram


Most windows phone 7 users are upset that instagram doesn’t have an official app for them. Here is the good news.

Pictastic for instagram allows you to make an instagram account from your windows phone 7 device and even post pictures and follow people. The app also has a notification system. The app is quite user friendly and easy to use, the only glitch is that the scroll down is limited and you can scroll down only upto a certain point. While this may  pose a problem, the fact that this app is a fully functional instagram app should make you feel better. You can upload, add filters, send direct messages, you can see what posts your friends are liking and who they’ve been following, support for sharing to Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter as well. You can also comment and like their Instagram photos as well as share yours. So stop feeling left out because your friends on androids and iOS devices use instagram, and join the action.

We cant seem to stop using this app!!!

You too can join the instamania by downloading the app- Pictastic