Cortana (for Android)

Microsoft’s to penetrate Android-verse is working phenomenally! After having released the Office apps that are an example of productivity at it’s best, we now have some to battle Google Now. I have placed my bets on Microsoft for this one! (Again)

Cortana, is Microsoft’s personal assistant (F.Y.I Google Now is not a personal assistant, though it performs similar functions. But no!). Cortana came only on Windows Phone till date. We had heard rumors of it’s arrival on Android and iOS a few months ago. Today an internal beta of the app was leaked over the internet.

Having tested the app, it feels like it’s ready for release but it is still in beta stage! It works seamlessly. You can add your reminders, it tailors the news experience based upon your interests.  Many of you will definitely wonder that Google now does similar stuff, but on Windows Phone is completely different.

It lets you manage and search files on your cloud storage. It can predict the results of sports matches to a great accuracy.

We would let you explore it yourself. For starters, once you set up Cortana ask her the following questions

  1. “Do an impersonation”
  2. “Surprise me”
  3. “Sing a song”
  4. “Who are you”
  5. “Who created you”

These are just some of the examples, you can search for more Cortana commands. You’ll enjoy the whole experience as it makes your life easy and manageable.

Currently the app is made for phones but it works one tablets too, just the layout needs to be widened.  Share your experience with Cortana in the comments section!

Download : CortanaScreenshot_2015-07-18-20-24-06[1]Screenshot_2015-07-18-20-04-17Screenshot_2015-07-18-20-02-55Screenshot_2015-07-18-20-02-38Screenshot_2015-07-18-20-02-05


Windows 10 for all!!

Lumia officially acknowledged that all windows phone 8 devices will be getting bumped up to windows 10 once released. Stay tuned for more.
Also we’d like to inform our readers that you can now have us on your facebook feed..simply like our new page to get started!!

Ps.. We also got our phones updated with a new dev preview with better battery saver features and live tile for it. Now battery usage can be viewed as on a timescale with a proper usage scale.

A New Device in the Armory (Android to WP)

Windows-Phone-8 (1)

We recently added a new device to our Collection. A Nokia Microsoft Lumia.

We must say its worth every penny. Then came the part of porting from Android to Windows (Don’t worry we still own Nexus devices.. :P)

Porting isn’t much of a pain provided your previous device was as organised. Now why would you port to WP and what changes we liked?!

If you’re too bored with android and with the constant lag on your device or the dull display then windows is a perfect choice.

The best part of WP is that it supports manually moving/installing  by default apps to SD Card. The Storage Sense and Data Sense features allow you to track your memory use and data use to the bit.

Second powerful feature of WP Block or Select which apps should run in the background.  In Android we have what we call as Task Killers, they do free up RAM but only temporarily before the apps restart themselves. Luckily WP allows you to check which apps actually run in background and disable them.

Trust me the Metro UI looks very cool and alive!! The battery life is phenomenal.. With disabling apps in background the overall battery life drastically improves leaving you with battery that’ll last up to 24 hours. Next up Cortana. Man, I love her!! 😛

That assistant is smart, beautiful and witty!! Taking care of your reminders, notes, music and everything!!!!

The most important Lumia devices provide awesome features at affordable prices with guaranteed updates in future. One thing that we noticed that most new Lumia devices may have just 512 Mb of RAM but all Quad-Core leaving you with an amazing game playing experience even on devices as cheap as the 520. (by  games we imply ASPHALT 8: AIRBORNE).

Not to forget the Lumia Camera having tools that’ll capture memories rather than just photos. The Windows Phone gives a clean UI with from the basic system font to the live tiles and it easily integrates with all your social networks allowing you to push updates without having to open the apps!

To conclude with Windows Phone gave a personal touch to a mobile phone. #LumiaLove



1. Contacts

If you backed up/synced your contacts with Google you can just go to Gmail and download the CSV Contact file. This file can be uploaded to the People’s tab in Outlook, or you could add your Google account to your Windows phone which will sync your contacts.

2. Photos

Photos can be either uploaded to Onedrive or manually transffered from your Android device to you memory card which can be inserted into your Windows Phone. That’s one part of Windows Phone devices that we liked, that almost all of them have a SD Card slot

3. Apps  & Mail

You may not find all the apps that your Android hosted.. WP store does have all the essential applications that we use everyday and games too.You can either add your Gmail account to your WP or just import all mail to Outlook and add forwarding address from gmail to outlook.


In any case should you run into any problems be sure to shoot us an email at

Cortana and Travel

Travelling with windows phone 8.1 and Cortana

Travelling can be quite stressful for some people. Windows phones 8.1 somehow helps manage

your travel plans and reduce this stress.

If your tickets have been emailed to you and you allow Cortana(the assistant which we find

to be a cross between Siri and Google now) to access your mail, then it will keep track of your

travel arrangements.

For example if you have a flight to catch and your tickets have been emailed you, cortana will

note the flight details and provide you with the flight status details,traffic to the airport details

along with how much time it it will take you to reach the airport and even the weather status at

source and destination locations.

The Microsoft travel app which comes preloaded on certain phones or which can

be downloaded is also useful. You can track flights,read up about an area,see what

attractions,restaurants and shops are there.

Unfortunately you have Cortana ,the search button is reassigned to it,so to use the local scout

function to scout stuff to see and do around your locations you will need to use Maps which

now integrates this feature.

Now with removable micro sd cards slots and the new Microsoft app Files,you can load your

memory card with songs and movies to watch in flight in case you find the onboard selection

not suiting your tastes.

Maps can be used offline even by downloading them, thus reducing data costs while roaming.

Lets not forget Microsoft office which has always been provided which allows us to write such

articles while 36000 feet over the ocean.

All in all, your windows phone with 8.1 can make your trip a lot easier especially since you now

have a virtual assistant who learns about you over time.

Cortana can do a lot more…She(you can choose male/female voice,female is default) can

keep track for you,remind you,take down notes, customize your news feed as per pre selected

interests and yes..she can even tell you a joke…go on,we know you wanna try it…say  ” Tell me a joke”.

She even answers certain questions with witty answers..try asking “Are you and Siri friends”.

Cortana….Don’t know how to live without her now,tried using the older 7.8 phone and

kept pressing the search button and speaking as if it was going to perform some extensive

operations for us.

Please not that cortana is available only in the US as of writing this post. Not to worry,as usual

we at appcyla have a bypass method(yes,we love bypassing stuff).

Simply go into settings and change regions to US. Also change language to US English. This step

is very important for cortana to appear in your settings from where you can switch her on.