Whatsapp Video Calling

In the latest Android beta update for WhatsApp, video calling is now an option. Simply press the phone icon and you get a pop up to choose either audio or video call.


BBM for windows phone-updated post

BBM v1.0 for Windows Phone Beta | New Build Available v99.0.0.362!
Hi All,

A new build is available today with continued improvement for performance and stability, and other bug fixes. Please see the sections below for what’s new in this build, program updates, known issues with this build, how to load BBM, and provide feedback.

In This Build

Fixed Issues:

· BBM takes too long to open

· Takes too long to switch from old device to a new one

· Cannot send email invites. the invites go into inbox as emails

· Device global language settings don’t appear to be changing all of the text within the BBM app

· WiFi Out of Coverage Windows Phone doesn’t send queued invites/acceptances

· When location is turned off and send location in chat a toast or dialog should appear to inform user and turn the location on

· Group profile picture change not affecting the pinned tile image

· Group tile is splatted, but Contacts Pivot is not

BBM v1.0 for Windows Phone Beta | Welcome!
Hi All,

Welcome to the BBM for Windows Phone Beta Program! We’re excited that you’re interested in helping us test BBM on Windows Phone before the production version is released. We want to hear what you think of the look and feel of the application, the features, and any issues you encounter so we can get them fixed.

Features available for testing

· BBID Setup and Log-in (for Whitelisted BBIDs)

· Create BBM Profile

· Invite a contact and suggested contacts (people you know)

· 1-to-1 & Multi-person Chat

· Contact Categories

· Manage Settings

· BBM Groups

· Pin to Start

· Notifications and in-app “splats” for new content. See them in Feeds, Contacts when they’ve sent you a message, etc.

Known Issues

The following are known issues with this build:

· Invites and acceptances don’t send when Windows Phone goes out of WiFi coverage

· A few newer emoticons are not rendering properly (i.e *brrrr*, and *flex* and @-@)

· Windows Phone shows as available for BBM Voice call although feature is not supported (seen on Android and iOS, not BlackBerry 10)

· Error popup appears when using “Find Friends” and the “OK” button is selected

· Suggested Contacts tab only shows users already using BBM, but lists them as potential contacts when BBM is initially launched

Swype (Now on Play Store)

Swype  has finally arrived on play store! .

The release on play store has a lot of new features than last last beta version!

Offered in trial and paid version. But its totally worth it

In terms of UI it is simple and easy to use.


  • New keyboard themes (NEW)
  • New, simple UI and menu (NEW)
  • Dragons Dictation (Great voice recognition) (NEW)
  • Backup and Syncing your saved words and preferences.
  • Unique Tablet Keyboards: Don’t pay double, a single keyboard for both phones & tablets
  • Swype includes three tablet modes to choose from, including: the original Swype keyboard, a small and movable keyboard, and a split keyboard for easy tablet input
  • Language Downloads: Swype supports 60 downloadable languages and 20 dialects
  • Gestures: Capitalization, Punctuation and Shortcuts for almost every operation by swyping
  • Many more NEW features


Link: http://tiny.cc/4en5vw

As far as sliding type  keyboards are concerned SWYPE  is a clear winner!!