Whatsapp for windows phone updated

Windows Phone owners can rejoice. Whatsapp finally launched an update to fill the gap between the windows phone and iOs/android version.
Users can now use whatsapp calling and even hide the blue ticks(finally!!).
They’ve also changed the UI a bit. Now on your chats page, on top there is a small icon showing total number of unread messages. This is useful as, if we get bombarded with messages from many people, older unread ones we forget to check.

The biggest drawback is that the new call button is where the emoji button was. So expect to end up calling people by mistake a lot( you can then send them 🙈).
This does get irritating at some point.
There is no way to make calls WiFi only like the option we get for media download.
Also if your phone is locked, don’t expect it to ring. Most likely you’ll get a message saying missed call.

Still, we suggest you get the update as it is stable and fills the gap.



BlackBerry’s messaging service will be available to Android users from noon on Saturday 21 September and will roll out to iPhone users on Sunday 22 September.

Till then please beware of the many fake apps floating about

We found a leaked version which turned out to be the actual one…on registration we got an email from blackberry, however app got stuck on setting up…all we can now do is wait for official release
Update- the leaked version now works…interface is nearly same as bbm on bb devices