Contacts + message backup for Windows Phone

contacts+message backup

Last week, Microsoft released the “contacts+message backup” app. This app is useful  for those of us who either keep changing phones, losing them, or in our case having to hard reset them after playing around. Most of us store our contacts online on our Gmail or Outlook accounts, but may want a copy of all our sent messages(SMS,MMS) and contacts as a precaution or other reasons on our micro sd cards.

The interface is just like most of the settings options and is more of an add on to the settings.

On installing the app, it does not show up in the list of apps, instead it shows up in settings.

Contacts + Message Backup app is a Settings app that enables you to make backup of all your contacts (in VCF format) and messages (SMS & MMS including attachments) to SD card (in XML format) for later restore to same or another Windows Phone.

Backup is stored in 'backup+restore' folder on the SD card.

We think this app makes an important addition as it saves what is most essential to a mobile phone…. Its contact list.

Download link: contacts+message backup

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Maestro (Email Client)


Everyone’s waiting for the new revamped Outlook app that is supposed to be released with the WIndows 10 for phones. I would not say it has exactly copied the upcoming features; but yes to an extent Maestro does implement some of the features of the ‘Revamped Outlook’ app as shown in the preview screenshots.

In spite of that, it does a fantastic job at managing my mail. First and foremost the obvious features:

  • Multiple accounts support for Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo
  • Accent color navigational bar
  • Large navigational icons making it simple to navigate
  • Swipe to archive/delete (features shown in the Outlook preview for W10 for Phones)

What we miss in this app is the ability to swipe across tabs/menus which otherwise you have to tap and do. Navigation across the tabs above isn’t and swift as it is in the other Windows Phone apps like People, but it is smooth and productive

In all the app is elegant and efficient and we hope to see support for more email clients and custom domains.

Download : Maestro

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Swipe to Swear

Swipe to SwearWindows Phone has swipe keyboard built in. The only problem is when you try swiping a swear word. The same is true for when you’re normally typing them. Autocorrects jumps in and “ducks” up. It gets “ducking” annoying to keep retyping the word. The swipe feature learns your pattern so if you curse a lot, then swear words will not be corrected. This however requires that that word be typed too many times. A quick solution to add these words to the dictionary is the app Swipe to Swear. It adds all these words on just a toggle of a switch. That’s all that’s there in the app. “One switch to rule them all and in autocorrect bind them.” We recommend this app for all those who have cursing as an inbuilt part of their vocabulary.
Get it at

Age of Empires:Castle Siege

Age of Empires:Castle Siege has made its way to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices.
Take on the world and earn crowns for attacking other players kingdoms and defending your own.
Train troops, invent war machines, upgrade your defenses,attack and your keep to progress.
The game has a campaign in which you play historic battles and multiplayer in which you play against others.
This game provides sheer entertainment(may cause addiction to it) and is exclusive to windows devices.

This game requires a good internet connection to play. If internet drops during a siege, you will forfeit that battle and lose crowns.

WP8.1 download:
Windows8.1 download:

Windows 10 for all!!

Lumia officially acknowledged that all windows phone 8 devices will be getting bumped up to windows 10 once released. Stay tuned for more.
Also we’d like to inform our readers that you can now have us on your facebook feed..simply like our new page to get started!!

Ps.. We also got our phones updated with a new dev preview with better battery saver features and live tile for it. Now battery usage can be viewed as on a timescale with a proper usage scale.

Cortana and Travel

Travelling with windows phone 8.1 and Cortana

Travelling can be quite stressful for some people. Windows phones 8.1 somehow helps manage

your travel plans and reduce this stress.

If your tickets have been emailed to you and you allow Cortana(the assistant which we find

to be a cross between Siri and Google now) to access your mail, then it will keep track of your

travel arrangements.

For example if you have a flight to catch and your tickets have been emailed you, cortana will

note the flight details and provide you with the flight status details,traffic to the airport details

along with how much time it it will take you to reach the airport and even the weather status at

source and destination locations.

The Microsoft travel app which comes preloaded on certain phones or which can

be downloaded is also useful. You can track flights,read up about an area,see what

attractions,restaurants and shops are there.

Unfortunately you have Cortana ,the search button is reassigned to it,so to use the local scout

function to scout stuff to see and do around your locations you will need to use Maps which

now integrates this feature.

Now with removable micro sd cards slots and the new Microsoft app Files,you can load your

memory card with songs and movies to watch in flight in case you find the onboard selection

not suiting your tastes.

Maps can be used offline even by downloading them, thus reducing data costs while roaming.

Lets not forget Microsoft office which has always been provided which allows us to write such

articles while 36000 feet over the ocean.

All in all, your windows phone with 8.1 can make your trip a lot easier especially since you now

have a virtual assistant who learns about you over time.

Cortana can do a lot more…She(you can choose male/female voice,female is default) can

keep track for you,remind you,take down notes, customize your news feed as per pre selected

interests and yes..she can even tell you a joke…go on,we know you wanna try it…say  ” Tell me a joke”.

She even answers certain questions with witty answers..try asking “Are you and Siri friends”.

Cortana….Don’t know how to live without her now,tried using the older 7.8 phone and

kept pressing the search button and speaking as if it was going to perform some extensive

operations for us.

Please not that cortana is available only in the US as of writing this post. Not to worry,as usual

we at appcyla have a bypass method(yes,we love bypassing stuff).

Simply go into settings and change regions to US. Also change language to US English. This step

is very important for cortana to appear in your settings from where you can switch her on.