Top Data Managers

Android Without internet is like having a Brick in your hands!!
Chech out these Data Monitoring app for your Droid!

Converted_file_f8b8dbeaONOVA COUNT:
A simple and minimalistic UI that looks just awesome!!
Efficient data monitoring!
– Provides complete information on which app consumes how much data over EDGE and Wifi!
– All you have to do is set your mothly cycle and you are good to go!
– provides assessment of Data usage over the ,week and month in graphical form!
– Usage alarm if data limit nears by or End of moth nears!
– Exact info on how much every app on your phone (USER OR SYSTEM) hogs up your data!

As far as I would recommend you should read the apps given below to select a good one!
Converted_file_ec75db33 Converted_file_0a362d3d Converted_file_3357db4c Converted_file_bb85637d


Converted_file_c41e6d79My Data Manager:
I would definately go for this app!! Besides the data management accuracy.. it has a feature which most data monitoring apps don’t!!
You can set your data which is already used if you are installing the app in the middle of your Data Cycle!
Besides this:
– Daily,Weekly assessment of your data usage over Edge and Wifi!
– The assessed data is represented in form of PIE CHART or BAR GRAPH!
– Multiple alarms for at regular data usage intervals(e.g. 50%, 75%)!!
Another Awesome feature:
-It gives you a forecast or predicted data usage for the day and month!
Thumbs up to this app!

Converted_file_0a684b6e Converted_file_9952a408 Converted_file_a9579126 Converted_file_cf0ed6f1 Converted_file_e37bf107


Converted_file_3346cb223G Watchdog:

Another great data monitoring app!!
It has a few bugs though..
The Features as same as that of ONOVA count!

Converted_file_d7e0ffce Converted_file_fb6d94d2 Converted_file_11240f7a


Data Counter Widget:

Lite Data monitoring app!
Directly add widgets on your homescreen then configure them!
– RAM consumption is low compaed to the rest!
Good for low end devices!
A simple UI and easy to configure!

Converted_file_d7e0ffce Converted_file_d625f9fe Converted_file_6f4ccd86



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