Monetary Management Showdown

It’s been a while..

We are back with a competitive showdown between two expenses and money management apps for Windows Phone or should I say Windows Mobile 😀

Monetal vs. Wallet Watch

Both apps I must admit, are unique in their own regard. What one lacks, the other compensates for that. Rather than listing down features of each app, I would list the pros and cons of each to give you’ll a heading regarding which one to finally download.

Both apps, are by far the best Money Managers on the Store and it is clearly indicated in their reviews and ratings too.

Wallet Watch


  • Free (No paid version)
  • Lots of Categories of Expenses
  • Multiple live tiles available for individual functionalities.
  • Bill split calculator
  • Simple and efficient main screen layout improving the overall usage experience


  • To many transitions sometimes for a simple task
  • No option for multiple accounts like (Salary, Savings etc..)

(Scroll down further for Monetal)



  •  Supports multiple accounts
  • The main screen directly displays and increment and decrement alongside the balance, which makes it easier and quicker to add data
  • Graphical analysis is good to look at 😛


  • Premium version available, which adds functionalities for live tiles, more categories for types of transaction.
  • Feels glitch-y to use sometimes.
  • Comparatively less customization in layout than Wallet Watch.
  • Advertisements (‘Nuff Said)

Download Links below!




Wallet Watch:


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