Android 6.0 is Marshmallow!!


Google has unveiled the name of its next version of Android as Marshmallow.

Whats new? well, while its now in the final developer preview stage, here are some of the features:

Google Photos:Google Photos provides unlimited free storage for up to 16 MP photos and 1080p video

Adoptable Storage Devices: formats external storage like internal storage. App and personal data can be moved between the devices internal storage and its “adopted” storage source.

Android M RAM manager: Google has introduced a new RAM manager

New app drawer

Auto Backup and Restore for Apps

Power and Charging:  a new function known as Doze to improve device standby time. Android M also supports USB Type-C which provides faster charging and lets you charge other devices using this device(while this is great, most often our phones don not have enough charge to survive the day themselves, so this feature is useless unless we get more efficient devices and better batteries.)

Fingerprint support: Unlock phones and to make purchases in real-life or within Play Store apps.

Mobile Payment: NFC tap to pay.

App Permissions: Users can now choose to accept or deny individual permissions(Windows 10 mobile already has this feature)

Our Conclusion: While this version seems to have simplified the ease of use, we noticed that a lot of the features overlap with Windows 10 mobile and iPhone. However we can draw a proper conclusion only once the consumer update is pushed to device. Till then enjoy this video:

“The Android Marshmallow

Sculpture + Android’s Tasty

Naming Tradition” 

courtesy:Nat and Lo


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