Cortana (for Android)

Microsoft’s to penetrate Android-verse is working phenomenally! After having released the Office apps that are an example of productivity at it’s best, we now have some to battle Google Now. I have placed my bets on Microsoft for this one! (Again)

Cortana, is Microsoft’s personal assistant (F.Y.I Google Now is not a personal assistant, though it performs similar functions. But no!). Cortana came only on Windows Phone till date. We had heard rumors of it’s arrival on Android and iOS a few months ago. Today an internal beta of the app was leaked over the internet.

Having tested the app, it feels like it’s ready for release but it is still in beta stage! It works seamlessly. You can add your reminders, it tailors the news experience based upon your interests.  Many of you will definitely wonder that Google now does similar stuff, but on Windows Phone is completely different.

It lets you manage and search files on your cloud storage. It can predict the results of sports matches to a great accuracy.

We would let you explore it yourself. For starters, once you set up Cortana ask her the following questions

  1. “Do an impersonation”
  2. “Surprise me”
  3. “Sing a song”
  4. “Who are you”
  5. “Who created you”

These are just some of the examples, you can search for more Cortana commands. You’ll enjoy the whole experience as it makes your life easy and manageable.

Currently the app is made for phones but it works one tablets too, just the layout needs to be widened.  Share your experience with Cortana in the comments section!

Download : CortanaScreenshot_2015-07-18-20-24-06[1]Screenshot_2015-07-18-20-04-17Screenshot_2015-07-18-20-02-55Screenshot_2015-07-18-20-02-38Screenshot_2015-07-18-20-02-05


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