Clear Focus


Try and focus on the circle above for at least 2 minutes!

You probably can’t as you are constantly distracted by the alerts constantly popping on top of your screen..

Smartphones have become an indispensable resource of our everyday life (unfortunately!). People have become so addicted to their smartphones that any moment they find, they have nothing to do they just check their smartphones. In spite of not receiving any alert or notification tone.

This becomes troublesome at work when we are distracted by the constant buzzing of our phones et al that causes us to lose focus from our primary task.. We may not realize this but overall it hampers our level of concentration and effectiveness. To deal with this new level of Smartphone Insanity this post is to your rescue.

Clear Focus, much as the name suggests helps you FOCUS 😀

Yes that’s exactly what this app does. It disables all notifications and all modes of disturbances for a preselected time as per your convenience. You can select what to disable, i.e. 1) Internet Connection and/or 2) Sounds & VIbrations. For example you can define for how long you don’t want to be disturbed, say for 45 mins! The app automatically starts a timer that persistently stays in the notification bar (also editable). You can also select the break span after the selected 45 minutes, i.e. you can selected 10 mins as a break time during which the device will enable wifi and sync your notifications. You can either continue to work after 45 mins of Clear Focus or take a break. The app pops up a notification to confirm a break!

What we love about the app is it’s material design logo, the overall aesthetics and simplicity of use and user interface. The app also offers comprehensive statistics of 1)Completed Work Sessions 2) Total Working time for the day, week and month.

Download: Clear Focus

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