msft Microsoft is back with a bang!! From free Office viewer for iOS and Android to Word/Excel/PowerPoint Preview for Android Tablets, it is all over other OSes With its aim to Microsoft”IFY” android tablets comes another android App!! Picturesque It is a Lockscreen replacement for the native Android lockscreen. It is built with it’s roots entrenched in Microsoft The app offers 4 windows which you can easily and seamlessly slide through on your lockscreen, each window has its own purpose! The main screen is a simple slide up screen to unlock your device, but it also displays the current time and the battery status which comes handy.

The next screen to the right side news feed from Bing juxtaposed with Bing search and of course Microsoft App recommendations There is another screen to the left of the main lockscreen that allows you to change your lockscreen background just by swiping to the right and you can set any background fixed for a day after which it automatically changes to the new one or you can allow it to change at fixed interval of time!

It does much more than serve as a simple lockscreen replacement!! So head down to the play store and download it

Link : Picturesque

More details are available on the play store. 🙂pcituresque


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