TVshow Plus

An application we all have been waiting for.. TVshow Plus isn’t a an application keep you in sync with your TVShow timings!

In fact it simply let’s you watch them and even download them.
Available as a paid application but YOU CAN TRY IT before buying it!
The User interface is fairly simple.

Once you open the app you are given a choice of three website which offer the services! Select one if them then search for your TV show and you’ll be provided with the list of servers that may have the days in them!

**Before clicking on a server tap CHECK on the bottom to see if the servers still have the file on them * *
In that case select anyone of them and start enjoying your TVShow.
You can download them too..

As shown in the screenshots below the app allows you to download subtitles as and create a Watch Later list in case you’re too busy 😛

But you’ll be harangued by ads in the trial version.. So our advice BUY IT because it’s worth it 🙂


Download here :

image image image image image


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