A Small Breakthrough

We were able to open the keepsafe app without a password just by modifying the manifest.json file!! It remains open for a few seconds and also shows the folders in it with pictures before it closes..

Yet to figure out the final solution..
Keep yourself up to date with the posts that come up in the next week!

Till then.. Enjoy the weekend!! 😀


2 thoughts on “A Small Breakthrough

  1. Abhiwed says:

    Can you please help me out with a problem I have with ES file explorer

    See the thing is,I have encrypted a few files through es file explorer and it has been a few days since I opened it and hence I forgot the password with which I encrypted
    The files are pictures and I don’t have a copy elsewhere,they are nostalgic,family pics
    If you do know any kinda way to access them please tell me.I’d be grateful,thanx in advance for any trial

  2. Kaushik Dutta says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t think manifest.json file is helpful because as my knowledge there have no data about that keepsafe app their only the files data that try to safe(hide)..

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