Snaptastic for Windows Phone 7

Snaptastic for Snapchat

Windows Phone 7 users can rejoice. Developers still haven’t forgotten you. If some of you recall, we had earlier posted a review for a client for snapchat which was pulled down from the store so you needed an interop unlocked phone to install the XAP.

Now even users with non interop unlocked phones can snap away.

Snaptastic is great. It lets you view your score, best friends, your friends scores and best friends, their snap stories. You can even upload images from camera or gallery. The text font on image can be changed and you can draw on the images. We found it to be a great app which gets the job done. Not as robust as 6snap which Windows Phone 8 users have, but nevertheless a great app.

Start snapping away now!!

Store: Snaptastic


8 thoughts on “Snaptastic for Windows Phone 7

      • beautifulkaos says:

        the same thing happened two days ago, it only just stopped coming up with the blocked msg this morning, and then an hour later, it came up with the temporarily blocked msg again, very strange

    • Read our updated post. Snap chat has started blocking accounts using 3rd party apps. All snap chat apps have been taken off the store too. We urge you not to try logging in from a third party app else you risk account blocking(ours got permanently blocked). Snapchat for wp is gone now

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