You may have made a guess for what the app would be about!! To an extent you’ll be correct..
It isn’t a typical weather/climate app that gives you the daily forecast and maybe that’s why we loved it!
This application gives you the overall climatic over a particular region. The information includes the following four options:
-Expected daily high temperature
-Expected days of rain
-Expected % of clear sky
-Expected % of humidity (added recently.. not shown in the screenshots below)
There’s only one screen on the app. No menu’s or settings, nothing!!
The top bar shows the latitude and the longitude of the location pointed by the crosshair
The world map is displayed on the upper half of the window and you can point the crosshair on the map to a particular location and get the climate details of that region. You can select any one of the four options stated above by tapping on their icons
Select any one of them and the map will show the variation in the climatic conditions over the world along with the level of intensity of that attribute on a bar!!
Play Store: Climatology


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