Keepsafe (Newer Version)

As per the reader’s request we’ve looked into the new update of the Keepsafe app.

Bypassing the newer version is difficult and we are trying our best to figure it out!! Make sure you keep yourself posted with the updates on Appcyla.

We’ll publish the bypassing technique as soon we find it!

Cheers! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Keepsafe (Newer Version)

  1. kipsafe says:

    I always check this thread from the time this was posted so i can bypass my keepsafe.. its the 22nd of july already and no update yet was posted..

    • Sorry..seems like the loophole has been blocked. We’re going to keep trying and the minute we get it,we’ll update all of you. We appreciate your follow up, but the positive side is that the app is at least secure now

  2. Enco says:

    Wen in hell you guys will figure this out.. C’mon, u guys wont be appcyla for nothing.. Still hoping it ‘ll be very

    • Dear enco, We understand your frustration. We too are upset that there seems to be no bypass. The case is that they seem to have patched this loophole up which was a security concern. As a user one should be happy that its fixed but sad that it can’t be exploited. We can only suggest that you try downgrading the app by manually installing an older apk and then using the exploit. Thanks for you continued patience and following. Dakshil Shah Appcyla Co founder

  3. Goomba says:

    I have a method that works on the latest keepsafe version on Linux, a little lengthy to type up so I’ll likely do a tutorial on youtube (not as easy as whats posted on here). If someone wants me to decrypt the files for them, e-mail share ( a dropbox of the .keepsafe folder contents and I’ll decrypt them.

  4. jayce says:

    I feel so frustrated that im not able to view my hidden pics and vids… for an unknown reason.. though i had my .keepsafe folder from my old phone but i cant unhide them because my old phone is stolen..

    And it is said that i can only unhide them using my old phone..
    But since its gone how can i decrypt it so i can view them


    • Well, decryption is always tough. How important were the pictures and are they worth hours and hours of effort which may not yield a result? Option 2 is try copying the folder onto your new phone and replacing the folder. Never know if it works, discoveries are always made by trial and error.

      • jayce says:

        Its extremely important because its a once in lifetime opportunity to get those and im.afraid that i will never get those ever again. Your help is my last resort

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