Committing Google Suicide

There’s more to Internet suicide than just Finding and deleting your old accounts across the web and deleting the current social accounts i.e. Facebook(**MUST**), Google+, Twitter (Doesn’t matter much) etc.. (The rest we assume are deleted!! )

This guide is mainly for Google account users because the search giant knows more about your web activity than anybody else.

Since the percentage of mobile devices in the world is dominated by Android OS hence number of Google Account users is expected to be LARGE!!!!!!


It involves deleting

  1. Search history
  2. Google+ Data
  3. Maps history (Places you’ve visited with your Google location reporting on )
  4. YouTube search and Wishlist history
  5. YouTube watched history (videos you’ve watched on YouTube)
  6. Ads you see based upon the above 4

Follow the steps bellow:

Google Plus 

Log into Google from your web browser from your PC (avoid mobile device as the task is slight tedious)

data tools

  • Click on Delete Google+ profile and features in case you haven’t done is already.
  • On the next page check the two boxes provided towards the end of the page and Click Submit
  • Done !!

Search History

  • On the Data Tools page click on the Account History tab
  • You should see the the page pictured below


  • Click on manage history or
    1. Visit your Search History page at
    2. In the top right corner of your Search History page, click the gear  > Settings.
    3. Click Help there you’ll get an option to delete all history at once.
    4. Click delete all and done!!
  • Go back to Account History and select Pause on each of the 4 services shown


YouTube search and watched history

  • Account History -> YouTube Search and YouTube Watched History

youtube history

  • Click on the Clear all watch history and similarly do for YouTube Search History
  • Done!!

Maps History and Location Data

  • Accounts -> Manage History (Places you’ve been Tab)
  • There you’ll see an option to Delete all History
  • Click on it and you’re done with maps
  • Make sure you have disabled storing maps history on Accounts History page

Final Accounts History Page should look as shown below



We aren’t done yet!!!!

You may have deleted the maps history but Google Stills has a few locations that you

  • Set as Home / Work
  • Favorited places / Starred Places

To remove those places go to

  • On the Maps screen that will open Look for a small Settings icon 
  • Click on it and select My Places
  • You’ll see a list of all you starred/home/work places
  • Delete them individually
  • And you’re done 😀


  • On the bottom of Accounts History page click on Ads
  • Remove all topics that appear on the next page (These are the topics selected for ads based upon your past searches)
  • And don’t forget to select “Opt out of Interest based Ads”

Last but not the least!

Google Chrome

  • Go to Google Chrome Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Privacy uncheck ” Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar or the app launcher search box”



(In case you wish to use the Google features again just Enable them in the Accounts History page)


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