URL Shortner

Goo.gl, bit.ly, tinyurl, tiny.cc sounds familiar? These are the most popular URL shortening services! Of these goo.gl is the URL Shortening service by google. URL shortner bring this funtionality to your android but with AN AWESOME INTERFACE.


  • Its Google!! 😀
  • All the URLs you shorten using this service get saved and synced to your Google account should you choose to do it

Just share any URL inside any application and URL Shortner appears in the list of apps and on selecting it shortens it with a rich ui.

You have an option to select what you want to do after the URL has been shortened i.e. Copy to clipboard, or notify you in the notification bar.  The app also provides you with the number of clicks on your shortened URLs and full time analytics that includes the browser which was used to open it, the platform(OS) and the country from where it was accessed.

What we liked the most about this app is the GUI , because sometimes the look and feel of the application matters more.

PS : This is not an official Google application but its totally worth becoming one!

Play Store : URL Shortner

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