Ever tried opening up Data Usage in your settings?

You must have noticed majority of your applications even games use at least some amount of data! But where does this data go to? Or where does your data come from? Which country and which organisation collects or sends you your data? Many of you who do not care about this should start doing so immediately. After all its your personal data at stake!!

Now, viaProtect is the perfect app for this task!!

  • This app checks how securely your data is being transmitted to other organisations i.e. whether it is Encrypted or not.
  • It even logs which country the data is being sent to or received from.
  • In addition to this it even tells you the name of the organisation providing or receiving your data.
  • The application also judges your security based upon whether debugging is enabled, rooted, lockscreen password etc.

viaProtect sorts your data daily and some every hour or so. The app consists of different sensors which monitor your data and after a regular amount of time the batch data is uploaded to viaProtect and it is analysed and later they provide you with the specific details about your internet communications.

Based upon our tests we tried downloading a file via torrents. As we know torrents uses multiple connections to different countries where the file is located!  And the results in viaProtect were quite accurate for countries from which our file was downloaded!

(Check the screenshots below to see the list of countries)

**Notes: viaProtect gathers mobile forensic, system, network, security and sensor data from devices, and then utilizes statistical analysis and risk indicators to detect suspicious events or behavior. This means that your apps can be monitored in real-time to predict potential risks or problems– rather than just checking for known malicious apps.**

Play Store : viaProtect

wpid-screenshot_2014-05-23-10-14-32.png wpid-screenshot_2014-05-23-10-14-49.png wpid-screenshot_2014-05-23-10-14-18.png viaProtect




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