Google Docs and Google Sheets!

Two days back Google launched two new productivity apps on the Android Play Store.. Google Docs and Google Sheets!

Originally these two were integrated into the Google Drive app that allowed you to create,edit and share documents!
Google has now opted to separate those features into two standalone apps!!

Drive is mainly focused now as a cloud storage app and no more for creating documents!!


Google Docs

  • Create and edit documents
  • Share and collaborate your documents with others
  • Offline viewing possible


Google Sheets

  • Its a replica of the online Spreadsheets in Google Docs
  • Allows editing of your locally stored files
  • Auto saving of your files as you type
  • Basic spreadsheets functionality i.e. formatting cells, enter/sort data, perform various sheet operations.

Creating a spreadsheet on a handheld device?!!! It may be tedious.. But if you’re a workaholic then Google just simplified your life!



Google Drive

  • Now a centralized cloud storage service where your Google  docs and other files are stored!



Google Docs :

Google Sheets :

Google Drive :


And we also have QuickOffice from Google to manage and crate your documents locally

QuickOffice :


Converted_file_7abc211b   Converted_file_7ee7656f


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