Download playstore APKs anywhere

When I tried downloading bbm for my tablet, in playstore it showed me that my device was not supported although i my device was capable of running the app. The solution was to find the apk and install it manually. Many a times people fall victim to malicious apps parading about as apps which they really aren’t.

Luckily, there is this handy site where you just paste the playstore URL of the app you want and it either generates a download link for you to share or lets you directly download the apk from your browser.

This way, I safely safely aged to download all the apks of apps i couldn’t get on my device either due to region(eg the cbs app) in playstore or because the apps were for only certain manufacturers(eg Samsung link), without the risk of malware.

However please note that this will not work for paid apps and for a successful install of any app,your device must meet the os/hardware requirements of that app.

Try this service at  evozi apk downloader


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