A Little More of Real Racing tricks!

Note: This may mainly work on devices having only WiFi support and no Cellular connectivity.

This trick will help you retain your HIRED Manager,Auto-Engineer,Assistant for a second attempt of a race if you feel that your current attempt can’t win you the race . What you can do is:

  • Switch on Airplane mode and turn off the WiFi
  • Without Pausinhe the curent race Directly press home button to exit
  • Kill All the running tasks. (that will stop the currently running game)
  • Open Real Racing
  • Select the SAME Race or ANY other Race 
  • Your managers will already show selected due to the previous attempt
  • And then press RACE.

Thus you won’t lose your hired engineers from the earlier attempt!

This is purely based on our tests.. Your results may differ!

Happy Racing!! 😀



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