SPY Kit Universal Mailer


SPY Kit Universal Mailer allows you to send an email to anyone you know. That’s just like other email applications but what’s different?


  • You can send an email by faking any email id. With this tool, you can take the e-mail identity of whoever you want, or simply make a new one up.
  • All you have to do is enter the sender email id whom you wish to fake.
  • Rest is similar to normal email applications like Receiver’s email address, Cc, Bcc.
  • It also supports a contact list which stores the new addresses that you enter.

The tool also has a powerful function called Reply To, which allows you to get responses for the sent e-mail. Basically, it sets a return path for any replies. However it is a tricky function to use, that can sometimes create more problems than solutions, so be sure to read more about it by touching the switch in the Reply To field.

Initially the number of emails per day are restricted to 10 per day. But as you progress and level up your limit may increase.

The initial restriction is to avoid illegal use of this service.

***WARNING: You are solely responsible for the use of this tool, always take the time to consider the possible negative consequences of every e-mail you send. And make sure not to use it for negative motives since you will surely be discovered and caught.***

Google Play Link: SPY Kit Universal Mailer

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