Bypass waiting time in RealRacing or Candy Crush



RealRacing drivers or Candy Crush players, all of you must be irritated by the waiting time in the game i.e. waiting time for servicing cars or buying new ones in case of RealRacing or daily refilling of life in Candy Crush.

The process is simple.

1) Turn ON Airplane mode to turn off active Data Usage.

2) Go to PHONE/TABLET  settings

3) In there go to Date And Time Settings

4) Turn OFF auto-update of Date & Time.

5) Next change the date or time to the next day (depending upon the waiting time in your game)

6) Open your Game your Cars will be serviced/ new car will be delivered/ daily bonus will be received

7) Turn ON Auto Update of Date & Time and turn OFF Airplane mode..


You’ll be back to normal time without having to wait for newer bonuses or updates!

**This trick can be applied to most of the games having such waiting times.

Please try it and revert if you can find other games that can be tricked into this!! 😉



3 thoughts on “Bypass waiting time in RealRacing or Candy Crush

  1. Anasta says:

    Some unlocks require internet connection and you will automatically be connected to internet time. Any idea/tricks to get pass this?

  2. Scott says:

    New update to real racing as of 7/20/2015′ ability to do this trick has been terminated, I was using this trick for some time, did update last night and now can do trick. UGH..

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