App Lock (Smart App Protector) bypassed

Step 1) Go into app settings

Step 2)click on App Lock

Step 3)Clear the apps cache(here App Lock’s cache) and force close it

Step 4)Go to Whatsapp(or any app ) which was locked, it will be unlocked now

Step 5)If you were snooping about, then just open and shut App Lock, the apps will get locked again and no trace of app being opened will be left.


5 thoughts on “App Lock (Smart App Protector) bypassed

    • Then there isn’t a bypass…the whole point of these posts is to demonstrate that these apps aren’t fool proof by themselves, one needs to use their discretion also. Our point is that app locks are useless if settings aren’t locked, and most people dont bother locking settings as they dont know this glitch.

    • xirot says:

      then you must be fast to get into the settings screen before the Lock Application is loaded directly after booting the device

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