Google Play Newsstand

Converted_file_72573a94It has been sometime since we lost our dear Google Reader.. But Google has made up for that loss!

You surely know about Google Magazine.. Users in Asia may not because unfortunately it wasn’t available for them!!

But the new update of Google magazine replaces it with GOOGLE PLAY NEWSSTAND. 

It is available for all countries!(as far as we know). You can search the Play Store and get it.

The Play Neswsstand features the regional news channels feeds and subscription to all major sites like Techcrunch, Verge etc.. It brings back the RSS  subscription! You can directly search for your required feed in the top search bar and you’ll get a separate section of Feeds matching your search!!

It certainly seems that Google plans to dominate almost every aspect of your android user experience!!

Make sure you Download and try out the app!


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