As truly mention on the timeline of their website



We were lucky to get a beta access code from the developers.. If you want the invites be sure to EMAIL US or the developers!!

 Now to the app!

It is perfect if your are busy bee or even for a normal person.. All your apps and your weather calendar activities are perfectly organised a simple homescreen..

Swipe left and your apps are alphabetically organised!! Swipe right and you have your settings and launchers options!!

The main screen shows a picture or a picture frame on top and below that the AVIATE  automatically puts up shortcuts of the most frequently used apps!! (Which you can change ofcourse)

Very clean UI with simple and colourfull design  three homescreens to swipe across!!

if you are tired of those boring launchers with separate apps to manage your daily needs then THIS IS A MUST HAVE APP!!

  • Wake up, and Aviate automatically brings you weather and your meetings for the day
  • When driving, Aviate automatically gives you traffic and directions home
  • Out to dinner, Aviate automatically shows you photos, tips and reviews for your favorite restaurant.

The app will make you want to use your phone even more!! 😛

Again.. If you want the invites be sure to EMAIL US or the developers!!

Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tul.aviate

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