Root Explorer


**Rooted Devices Only**

This is the Ultimate Rot Explorer for rooted android devices!

All the features of a File Explorer and a Root Explorer have been bundled into a simple yet powerful app.


  • Support for multiple Windows/Tabs
  • Dropbox, Box and Google Drive and network(SMB) support
  • Background running of process and cancel a long running task
  • Built-in SQLite database viewer , APK xml viewer
  • Extract and create zip/tar/gzip files easily

Just like your PC you can select how to open particular files by default with OPEN WITH which has options for SQL Viewer, Linux Shell, APK Handler or even a Particular Activity Of an App and many more…(LOVE IT!!)

  • Easy Mount and remount System storage and set permissions

If you have a ROOTED DEVICE this is a recommended app!!

Converted_file_c9d544a7  Converted_file_90d0f996 Converted_file_75e221f2 Converted_file_62565487 Converted_file_cc64c50cConverted_file_705f624c

Link :





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