Is your locked app really secure??

We at Appcyla enjoy finding back doors in android apps. Just because you have locked an app, it doesn’t mean nobody can access it. We’re going to explain this with the help of an example so you can try our method.

Consider the app you have locked is Whatsapp(majority people lock this app) and the app used to lock is AppLock(now even AVG!!!)

Step 1) Check to see if phone settings are locked.

if not locked,proceed to step 2, else wait for our future post explaining a bypass for this.

Step 2) Go into app settings

Step 3)click on AppLock(or whatever lock app is there)

Step 4)Clear the apps cache(here AppLock’s cache) and force close it

Step 5)Go to Whatsapp(or any app ) which was locked, it will be unlocked now

Step 6)If you were snooping about, then just open and shut AppLock, the apps will get locked again and no trace of app being opened will be left.

Now from all this we can see that simply locking an app is not enough. Majority people only lock an app and not settings and package installer and file explorer(and apps for file exploring and access etc like titanium backapp)

Here is how to secure your app

1)lock settings

2)lock package installer

3)lock all file explorers

4)put the option to install apps from unknown source off(use only when you need it) as someone could easy install an app from browser to access files etc

5)Lock the app you want to secure


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