Settle Up

Converted_file_14aea216 Never worry about the cash payments among your group of friends!! No more asking ‘who do i have to pay’ or ‘you still have to pay me’!! Simply enjoy the outing and let this app do all the work!

This app Settle Up keeps track of the exact account of your group members!!

Simply enter the members of the group and who paid exactly what!! The App automatically calculates and tells you who  has to pay the remaining and to whom!!

  • Create multiple groups of friends
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • You can attach an image of the bill or receipt to a particular payment!
  • In case of families or couples : Support for UNEVEN Split!!

The new upcoming features in the app are simple great! Cheers!!

Converted_file_8b74d260  Converted_file_82ac2737  Converted_file_b960729d  Converted_file_e9df4c07



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