Transparent lockscreens

This is one of the most fascinating glitches of windows phone. You can have a transparent lock screen wallpaper. While sliding the lock screen up to unlock, the wallpaper becomes transparent and from certain parts you can even see the underlying tiles or running app!!!
It’s quite easy to do this. Here are the steps:-
1)Either google,create or use the sample wallpapers i have provided.
2)Make sure the format is png while downloading or creating.
3)**MOST IMPORTANT STEP**DO NOT SAVE THE PICTURE ON YOUR WINDOWS PHONE.(it will automatically get converted to a jpg and the trick will not work)
4)to get the file on the phone email it to an account on your phone.You can use the share picture function in your phone browser itself or use your computer to do so.
5)download the image from the email and select use as wallpaper(once again do this directly without saving to the phone).
6)You are all set to enjoy this glitch.
NOTE-if you have a lock screen password, disable it for best effects or else instead of seeing the underlying screen, you will see a copy of your keypad(this too is fascinating and worth checking out)

also get them at


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