Viber database hacked

The non stop tirade of stealing user data continues. This time the victim was viber.
Popular calling app viber was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, They sent out a warning on twitter that said, “If you have ‘Viber’ app installed we advise you to delete it.”
Viber’s support page on its Web site displayed a banner that said “Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army” and also said “Dear All Viber Users, the Israeli-based ‘Viber’ is spying and tracking you.” Seriously guys!! you steal our data and blame others of spying on us.At the time of publishing this post, the banner is no longer up and instead a “403 Forbidden” message is displayed.
Whats the point in uninstalling the app now?? our data is gone anyway!! This makes me wonder whether the company is liable to settle all claims of data theft and privacy, after all they did make us agree to to terms and conditions and privacy concerns. We once again advice our readers to monitor their mobile bills and report suspicious activity to the authorities.
Be safe.


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