Bypassing File Hiding apps

This post is all about bypassing file hiding apps.
Most of the File Hiding apps for images, videos use a simple trick (having tested Keepsafe, Audio Manager, Vaults and many more)

REMEMBER : Any folder/file name beginning with a ‘.’ (eg –  .hidden) is considered to be hidden by Android system.

+Go to to your file manager, select show hidden files.
– There should be a folder of the app that you use or a random folder that is not used by you
– 80% of the apps directly store your images and videos in this hidden folder
– Else they add an extension to the default file type like (.hid after the normal jpg or avi extensions)
– All you need to do is change them back to the default of the File type and you can open your files directly



Hide it Pro

A folder “ProgramData” is made.. Inside the a “Languages” folder is made and inside the languages folder “fr” named folder is made

That’s where you’ll find all your hidden pictures


Converted_file_9772a074Keepsafe  (Older Version)

1) Go the the folder .keepsafe in the your SD Card/ phone storage.
2)  Inside or you’ll find a folder named ‘Main Folder
3) Copy this folder somewhere else
4)  Now uninstall and then reinstall Keepsafe App
5)  Setup the keepsafe app
6)  Copy the folder ‘Main Folder’ from your previous location to the new .keepsafe folder
7)  Open the keepsafe app and you’ll be able to view the images and videos



A folder named “Vaulty” will be made in your Default camera folder (usually DCIM).. In this folder you’ll find your data.. Try the same method as KEEPSAFE FOR UNHIDING IMAGES!

Vaulty just hides the videos by changing their extension!

So you can unhide videos but not images.


Converted_file_557789cbGallery Lock

1) Go to the folder data in your Storage

2) Inside it you’ll find a hidden folder .GalleryLock

3) Then browse through the folders within it and you’ll find your files there

4) Change the extension of your files to .jpg for images or .mp4 for videos from .glk



Hide Something – photo,video..

  • Make sure you have enabled “show hidden files” in your file manager
  • Now look for a folder with name .pg
  • Withing the .pg folder there will be folders like (DCIM, Whatsapp Images, Instagram, Downloads etc..) from where your images were hidden
  • Now go to you desired folder.Your images will be there but their extension will be changed
  • So simply change their extension from  ‘‘ to ‘.jpg

And you have successfully retrieved your files!


In case of queries write to us at or on Twitter (@Appcyla)


79 thoughts on “Bypassing File Hiding apps

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  2. Hello and Thanks so much for creating this very helpful blog. I am having a problem moving Keep Safe files from my old Samsung S2x to my new Samsung S3 running 4.3.
    I easily found and copied all the files in the .keepsafe folder on my old phone, but it seems the folder is hidding on my new phone. In fact the only folder I can find is .com.kii.keepsafe and does not contain the Main folder or any picture files at all. Very confusing. I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer as I have nearly three GB of data that will otherwise be lost. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to your response.

      • Chris says:

        Seems I’m having the same issue with going from a newer phone to an older tablet and I have the directory set to show hidden files. May just be the android version.

  3. bubu says:

    Hello and thanks in advance. . I got a problem with keep safe app. As I changed my cell phone and copied all the files of ‘main folder’ under .keep safe from my old phone to the new one. Now on my new phone I can view the images or the videos, but can’t unhide or share it with anyone. I also see that the files I hide from my new phone can be unhide, but can’t find the option to unhide for the old files. Please help. .

  4. Big Herq says:

    The Hide it Pro app no longer works since I updated my galaxy s4 with the new 4.4.2 kitkat. Will there be an update by the makers of the Hide it Pro app to fix the problem. I

  5. siddique says:

    Hey I was using audiomanager how can I recover my videos which was locked wt it..when the audiomanager get un installed

    • A folder “ProgramData” is made.. Inside the a “Languages” folder is made and inside the languages folder “fr” named folder is made
      That’s where you’ll find all your hidden pictures

      • aniruddha says:

        yes we do find the data in the location you mentioned but it has been encrypted … hw do we decrypt it … ??

  6. bobby says:

    My Files apps keeps saying Processing
    ES File Explorer keeps saying loading (13/13)
    When I click the .Keepsafe file .
    What can I do?

  7. irshad says:

    i loss cell phone my keep safe picture backup in my pc. i want to open picture open in PC but it cant not open plz tell me any solution

    • Transfer the backup onto the new android device and in the exact folders as mentioned in the Bypassing Keepsafe guide (exact folder is very important ).. Follow the bypassing guide ahead

    • As of now it isn’t…wp 7 doesn’t allow file access as default and in 8,you need to download the File app to see files and this is recent. We’ll search more and let you know.

  8. Pope007 says:

    The keepsafe app no longer uses “main folder” but instead, it has many different folders, any way around this?

  9. Jake Goodlett says:

    Hey, this is my problem if anyone can help, I’ve smashed my phone and am now waiting on a repair/new phone from my insurance company. is there anyway I can get in to my phone to get to my keep safe folder? anywhere they’d be hiding on my PC?

      • Robby says:

        ever do any work with Lockmypix? I have forgotten my PIN on my back-up file since I always used the fingerprint scan function, and now that I’ve got a new phone, I can’t access my back-up file on my SD card. The folks at Lockmypix have been less than helpful.

  10. Sharplynx says:

    In regard to keepsafe:
    If you have data from an older version of keepsafe, you can use the trick mentioned above if you download an equal older version on another android phone (through aptoide for example)

  11. pradeep prajapat says:

    I override all my keep safe data on .keep safe and now all files changed their format and folder name. No one pic showing in keep safe but I can see all that which one I hide now but can’t see old important pics.
          What should I do I’m in big trouble. As soon as give me solution.

  12. Unable to backup keepsafe since new update, if I move out all contents and reopen the program, it lists all the folders and number of pictures but they are all blank. There appears to be another file which links the data/folder name and it doesn’t appear to be stored in the keepsafe folder…. any updates?

    • If you’re using the new keep safe version then we’re sorry we went be able to help you.. As they have improved the security in the new version! In case of older version retry doing that

  13. BK says:

    Hi, the new keepsafe app stores its files in folders with names such as 2f, 4g, 2h, etc. I put the main folder in the .keepsafe folder and nothing happened. Any idea how to get around this problem?

  14. Manocha says:

    hello i have keep my some pics in keesp save but and than i was unhide pics and than my pics are lost i am very scared that is my pics hacked thats was my nude pics..i am very scared pls hepl me.Video of the mobile can be hacked which we save in keepsave pls reply

  15. Chandra Kant says:

    i am sorry but i wasn’t able to understand the procedure for keepsafe. i inserted the sd card into my laptop. got inside the .keepsafe folder. copied the main folder on the laptop hard disk. now i installed keepsafe on another device. how do i view the images and videos on the new device. plz reply

  16. kenyon says:

    what if by chance I only copied the file with the pictures and now all the photos say either mp4.ksd or jpg.ksd i already deleted the app after this copy is made, are these files that I copied useless and i am now at a total loss?

  17. farah says:

    hie i have a problem i just move keepsafe from sd card to phone in appliction manager
    now i hav lost my all pics
    plz help me out
    i tried tht mian folder thing but
    it dosnt work what is ur openion about tht

  18. vinoj says:

    I have copied the entire SD card files to pc and is it possible to open the Keepsafe images in the PC as i currently dont possess the Card or Mobile

    • Hi, This may be possible but you’d need to have knowledge of digital forensic tools or backtrack/kali Linux. Using these, you may be able to decrypt them . We suggest that you do not download tools which claim to unlock them or email them to someone as this puts your privacy at risk. You could learn how to use backtrack Linux in virtual box. If you could contact us via the contact form in detail, we will try and see if a solution exists.

  19. ajit says:

    sir,i uninstalled my app ‘file hide expert’ ,i forget to unhide my i lost all my files..after dat i re installed this app again,but i cant recover or unhide my files..plz help

  20. Abhiwed says:

    Can you please help me out with a problem I have with ES file explorer
    See the thing is,I have encrypted a few files through es file explorer and it has been a few days since I opened it and hence I forgot the password with which I encrypted
    The files are pictures and I don’t have a copy elsewhere,they are nostalgic,family pics
    If you do know any kinda way to access them please tell me.I’d be grateful,thanx in advance for any trial

  21. duvifuss says:

    Hello, I have all my files on my PC but i can’t see them or return them to keepsafe iOS app. What can I do? I need help. Please. I have the new KeepSafe version!

  22. sharjeel says:

    dear when i opened .keepsafe in internal storage of my mobile
    there was no folder with name main folder
    please advice
    i am using motog andio kitkat 4.4

  23. JR says:

    I am trying to get my pics off the keepsafe app. Please help. I think I have the old version. But, I can’t find the Keepsafe folder at all!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jonny says:

    I have some pictures saved in the keepsafe app on my phone and I no longer can open the app because my free trial has expired. I never knew this was a trial version. Is there any way I can recover these photos. They are taking up alot of space on my phone. I thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

  25. Felipe says:

    Thanks for the post.

    About KeepSafe, since your method works only in the old version, is KeepSafe the most secure app for hide pictures and videos?
    Even if isn’t “the most secure”, has KeepSafe a very good security system?
    Apriciate if you reply this question.
    Sorry for the bad English (is not my native language)

    Best regards,

  26. Steven says:

    how can i unhide pictures of the cm security vault folder? Everything is .cms at file end. But when i Change to .jpg you can only see a litte cm security icon and not the original j.peg. what i have to do?

  27. I have hide it pro on my phone and need to show old txt messages store there. However I can’t remember the password and no longer have the email account associated with it. Desperate as I need for court on monday. Any help is appreciated!!

  28. aniruddha says:

    audio manager (hide it pro) does not allow me unhide or delete thedata that i had i hi … i know where the data is (.fr folder) but how do i convert it back to the original format … ?? any help would be appreciated …:)

  29. annie says:

    hii.First of all thanks for sharing such an informative blog.
    .I am using keepsafe new version .i changed my phone and before that i’ve copied all my pictures into my pc. But now when i reinstall the keepsafe app i found the backup of only few pics of mine. when i try to import the copied files to keepsafe app it only shows the icon of old version of keepsafe app.
    Please tell me how can i able to access my pictures?
    what to do now ??

    • fake666accnt says:

      exact same problem i faced, the new keepsafe does not have ‘main folder’ in the .keepsafe folder. Instead it has a ‘manifests’ folder and a .key file in it. Any way to recover the files from here ?

  30. fake666accnt says:

    I backed up the .keepsafe file from my sd card to PC, but now when I transfere the folder onto my new android phone, I can see the folders and number of images correctly,but, I cant see the images, only the icon is visible. The new keepsafe does not have ‘main folder’ in the .keepsafe folder. Instead it has a ‘manifests’ folder and a .key file in it. Any way to recover the files from here ?

    Please help me !

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