Swype (Now on Play Store)

Swype  has finally arrived on play store! .

The release on play store has a lot of new features than last last beta version!

Offered in trial and paid version. But its totally worth it

In terms of UI it is simple and easy to use.


  • New keyboard themes (NEW)
  • New, simple UI and menu (NEW)
  • Dragons Dictation (Great voice recognition) (NEW)
  • Backup and Syncing your saved words and preferences.
  • Unique Tablet Keyboards: Don’t pay double, a single keyboard for both phones & tablets
  • Swype includes three tablet modes to choose from, including: the original Swype keyboard, a small and movable keyboard, and a split keyboard for easy tablet input
  • Language Downloads: Swype supports 60 downloadable languages and 20 dialects
  • Gestures: Capitalization, Punctuation and Shortcuts for almost every operation by swyping
  • Many more NEW features


Link: http://tiny.cc/4en5vw

As far as sliding type  keyboards are concerned SWYPE  is a clear winner!!


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