DI Radio

Electro House, Dubstep, Psychedellic Trance, Euro Trance these are just a few of the channels on the Digitally Imported Radio a.k.a DI RADIO..

Like listening to ASOT live? Or listen to live Brodcast of the Ultra Music Festival!!!

This is a complete songs package for any electro music fan! Extremely vast and diverse list of channels playing music from all categories, some which you may not even have heard of!!!!

Trance, Vocal Trance,  Hard Dance, EuroDance, Progressive Club Sounds, Goa-Psy Trance, Hardcore,  DJ Mixes, Lounge Ambient, Drum n’ Bass, Liquid DnB, Classic Electronica these are just few!!

Compared to other radio apps ths is VERY UNIQUE and streams great music!!


Its free but requires good data connection or Wifi!!

Optionally log in to Premium to switch to even higher audio quality and completely commercial-free streams.

Favorites to save your favorite channels for quick and easy access etc..

Simply Flawless!


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