YouTube substitutes for WP

Megatube Vs TubePro
We all love YouTube,but where’s the native app? That’s right, there isn’t one.
TubePro takes care of this and much more.
You can download your favourite videos (in HD too!!!) and view them at your leisure. The app runs under lock screen letting you listen to only sound from a video(say you found a music video,you can listen to the track).
The biggest con however is the fact that the video can’t be resumed from last position if shut.
Interface is simple,nothing to praise. Megatube is another app like this but with a simple interface and not so many features.
The choice is yours now….we prefered the functions and interface of TubePro!!!!

IMG-20130914-WA0000 IMG-20130914-WA0001 IMG-20130914-WA0002 IMG-20130914-WA0003 IMG-20130914-WA0004



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