Play Store link(free): http://tinyurl.com/76lfkbm

Rolled out the Swiftkey version 4.0

Latest Version: It Varies with device. However the latest version is 4.0

  • The newest version offers both Flow and Normal typing style.
  • A very Simple and elegant UI. QWERTY, AZERTY, QZERTY, QWERTZ and other keyboard styles support. Available with over 50 language modules.
  • Auto saving of frequently used words or even email IDs.  Comes with pre-loaded skins which are simple and simply awesome in appearance!!
  • Personalize your word predictions by allowing the app access to your Twitter, Facebook, GMail accounts.  Intelligent Stats about you typing style.

The Swiftkey Flow is embedded in the new version. Flow is good but sometimes the predictions aren’t as accurate and good as compared to SWYPE.

Should add features for direct copy and paste of words like the other keyboards.

Moderate RAM (about 6 Mb when not is use for a long time and 12-16 Mb when in constant use) and internal memory usage.

Overall FLOW is very smooth and easy to use.

Our Rating  4.6/5




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