Fantasia Painter for WP

Fantasia Painter

Fantasia painter

Marketplace link: Fantasia

Adobe has not been kind enough to windows phone users to release PS touch, but fantasia has been there for quite some time to fill this void.

The selection of brushes is great,with configurable options.

"Fantasia has 32 unique brushes (e.g. Fur, Rainbow, Makeup) that adapt to your painting style, 
speed, direction and nearby colors to make even simple strokes look professional.
Powerful effects, like Mold and Clone, help you enlarge muscles, swap faces, body shape, and more.
All effects can be "painted" to part of image, so you can create works of art that are uniquely your own."

Instagram??…nah…this app has better filters than instagram!!!!

There’s a clone tool,bloat/shrink tool and much more.

See the screenshots to get an idea of the variety of tools in this amazing application.

Best of all there a complete version for free which is ad supported(else paid).

Works with


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