Dr. Web Antivirus

3. Dr. Web Antivirus 

An Antivirus in its true sense!!

This is one hardcore antivirus scanning app!! It takes hours to perform a full deep system scan!!

Play Store Link: http://tiny.cc/q34auw

  • Real-time file system scanning with SpIDer Guard monitor whenever attempts are made to save files to the device’s memory
  • Less Stress on battery and OS performance
  • Quarantine infected files and recovery of files
  • Selective file and folder scan
  •  Detects new, unknown malware using the unique Origins Tracing™ technology
  • Antivirus and the features mentioned above are available in the free version

The paid version has the following extra features as per the developers:

to avoid unwanted calls and SMS messages.
• Select the calls and messages filtering mode.
• Create your own filtering profiles.
• Edit your black list (block incoming calls and messages from certain numbers).
• View blocked calls and messages. 
Helps you find your mobile device if it has been lost or stolen and, if necessary, will wipe your confidential information from the device remotely.
• Device blocking after a reboot
• Lock the device so that it can be unlocked only by entering a password (limit the number of unlock password enter errors)
• Unlock the device with an SMS message.
• View the device’s location on Google Maps.
• Remotely erase data on the device and SD card.
• Set the device’s speakerphone volume to loud and lock the screen.
• Customize the message to be displayed on the screen of the blocked device.
• Create a list of numbers to which notifications will be sent when the SIM card on the lost device is changed. You will be able to control the anti-theft by sending messages from these numbers and unlock the device if you have forgotten the unlock password.
Cloud Checker
Cloud Checker will protect you from unwanted Internet resources. Block access to non-recommended or potentially dangerous sites in the following categories:
• Drugs and narcotics;
• Known sources of viruses ;
• Abusive language;
• Terrorism;
• Violence;
• Weapons
• Adult content, etc

A good choice if you are looking mainly for protection against viruses, trojans, malwares…

Anti- theft available but in different versions

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