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A new app Bypassed!!

This time its Photo Locker.. the steps are quite simple! Follow them in exact order and you’ll be able to do it easily!

**Look at screenshots at end of the post to be clear about the location of the folder**

  1. First make sure you have SHOW HIDDEN FILES enabled
  2. There should be a folder  .PL in the root directory of your SD CARD
  3. Go into that folder
  4. There are 3 folders inside it Documents, Private Photos, Security Cards
  5. Copy all 3 to any other folder of your SD Card
  6. Go to settings in your phone, Clear Data for that App
  7. Next again go to .PL folder, there will be an existing .config file
  8. Delete that .config file
  9. Now open the app again
  10. Setup with a new password
  11. When setup is done, Paste the Earlier Copied Folders back to the .PL folder
  12. Now open the app and your photos will be there. You can unhide them too.

**This procedure may sound lengthy and a bit confusing, but follow the exact steps. You can contact us in case of query**


SC20140413-221816   SC20140413-221827

Here are the wallpapers from the latest entry to the Super Android Phone League..




When I tried downloading bbm for my tablet, in playstore it showed me that my device was not supported although i my device was capable of running the app. The solution was to find the apk and install it manually. Many a times people fall victim to malicious apps parading about as apps which they really aren’t.

Luckily, there is this handy site where you just paste the playstore URL of the app you want and it either generates a download link for you to share or lets you directly download the apk from your browser.

This way, I safely safely aged to download all the apks of apps i couldn’t get on my device either due to region(eg the cbs app) in playstore or because the apps were for only certain manufacturers(eg Samsung link), without the risk of malware.

However please note that this will not work for paid apps and for a successful install of any app,your device must meet the os/hardware requirements of that app.

Try this service at  evozi apk downloader

Note: This may mainly work on devices having only WiFi support and no Cellular connectivity.

This trick will help you retain your HIRED Manager,Auto-Engineer,Assistant for a second attempt of a race if you feel that your current attempt can’t win you the race . What you can do is:

  • Switch on Airplane mode and turn off the WiFi
  • Without Pausinhe the curent race Directly press home button to exit
  • Kill All the running tasks. (that will stop the currently running game)
  • Open Real Racing
  • Select the SAME Race or ANY other Race 
  • Your managers will already show selected due to the previous attempt
  • And then press RACE.

Thus you won’t lose your hired engineers from the earlier attempt!

This is purely based on our tests.. Your results may differ!

Happy Racing!! :D


Appcyla Contest

Appcyla is starting its 1year anniversary celebrations soon!! We have a bunch of contests coming. Appcyla has partnered with FileExpert to provide pro keys to winners of one such contest. To boost your chances follow @AppCyla and @Filexpert or like us at to stay up to date. Also please try the app before the contests.(we had reviewed it before)



We have all heard about Snapchat. Android and iOS users enjoy this app, while Windows Phone users feel left out.

Windows Phone 8 users have a variety of unofficial Snapchat clients, some of which are better than the official android version or on par. Windows Phone 8 users can try using 6snap which offers a few extra, windows phone exclusive features.

6Snap Includes these snapchat features :
- share pictures and videos with snapchat users
- post snaps on your story
- see stories, best friends and score of your friends
- draw and add text to your pictures
- search snapchat friends on your phone
- save your picture on your phone
- front and back camera
- manage your snapchat privacy
- notifications with custom ringtone

and some exclusive features like:
- Lens support
- extend the picture hub (share menu, etc..)
- live tile

All this leaves Windows Phone 7 users feeling left out. For them, swapchat is the savior. Swapchat is a vary basic app, with abilities to only send snaps,add text and draw on them, view them, add friends, view best friends. There are no toast notifications, no stories. While this app lacks many features, its the only option available for Windows Phone 7 users who don't want to be left out.





note-Swapchat was taken of the marketplace. If you have an interop unlocked phone/can sideload apps, download the xap file from below.

6Snap for WP8
Swapchat for WP7

Xperia Z2 wallpapers

We have added Xperia Z2 wallpapers for our readers to use. Get them from the link below

Xperia Z2 wallpapers


SPY Kit Universal Mailer


SPY Kit Universal Mailer allows you to send an email to anyone you know. That’s just like other email applications but what’s different?


  • You can send an email by faking any email id. With this tool, you can take the e-mail identity of whoever you want, or simply make a new one up.
  • All you have to do is enter the sender email id whom you wish to fake.
  • Rest is similar to normal email applications like Receiver’s email address, Cc, Bcc.
  • It also supports a contact list which stores the new addresses that you enter.

The tool also has a powerful function called Reply To, which allows you to get responses for the sent e-mail. Basically, it sets a return path for any replies. However it is a tricky function to use, that can sometimes create more problems than solutions, so be sure to read more about it by touching the switch in the Reply To field.

Initially the number of emails per day are restricted to 10 per day. But as you progress and level up your limit may increase.

The initial restriction is to avoid illegal use of this service.

***WARNING: You are solely responsible for the use of this tool, always take the time to consider the possible negative consequences of every e-mail you send. And make sure not to use it for negative motives since you will surely be discovered and caught.***

Google Play Link: SPY Kit Universal Mailer

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Android users have reason to celebrate today. The latest whatsapp update now allows users to hide their last seen, just like iOS users.

The new update also includes the ability to limit visibility of profile photos and status.

If you wish to get it before the playstore release, go to the WhatsApp official website and app from there. You will have to change your Android security setting to install apps from unknown for this purpose.

Once you have installed the app, open WhatsApp, tap on settings from the menu, then go to Account and there you will find a new option ‘Privacy’ added atop other existing options. The new features can be used from within the privacy settings.

note-at the time of posting this, the app was not updated on playstore, hence we used the direct download method.

link-Whatsapp official apk

Here is a screenshot from the new update!


Quadrant Standard Edition

Converted_file_a6c07aa2Quadrant Standard is a benchmarking app i.e. you can run tests on your phone and find out the overall performance of the device to compare it with scores of other models.

This result is then compared to other devices(mostly the top notch ones) and it gives you a graph of where you stand based upon your Benchmark score.
Apart from the benchmark scores it also gives you an extremely detailed profile of your device which you may find very geeky!!

It performs the following tests:
I/O : A result of the the input output performance of your system
CPU : The processing speed of your device i.e. how fast/slow your device is
Memory : The RAM usage and capacity.
2D Graphics: (The name says it all)
3D Graphics: (The name says it all)

Play Store Link : Quandrant Standard Edition



We at Appcyla would like to thank our readers for their continued support. Today we crossed the 100 country mark. Appcyla now has readers in more than 100 countries.
Thank you for your support, and we will continue to bring awesome posts in the future.

Facebook today squires popular messaging app whatsapp for reportedly 16 billion $
one can only what and watch as to what happens next

Flappy Bird

In case you were too late to try out the amazing and controversial Flappy Birds game or you accidently deleted it.. Here it is!

Or shoot us a blank email at and we’ll email it to you.

Click on the link below to get the .apk file.


The game is still available for windows phone at


Most windows phone 7 users are upset that instagram doesn’t have an official app for them. Here is the good news.

Pictastic for instagram allows you to make an instagram account from your windows phone 7 device and even post pictures and follow people. The app also has a notification system. The app is quite user friendly and easy to use, the only glitch is that the scroll down is limited and you can scroll down only upto a certain point. While this may  pose a problem, the fact that this app is a fully functional instagram app should make you feel better. You can upload, add filters, send direct messages, you can see what posts your friends are liking and who they’ve been following, support for sharing to Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter as well. You can also comment and like their Instagram photos as well as share yours. So stop feeling left out because your friends on androids and iOS devices use instagram, and join the action.

We cant seem to stop using this app!!!

You too can join the instamania by downloading the app- Pictastic




RealRacing drivers or Candy Crush players, all of you must be irritated by the waiting time in the game i.e. waiting time for servicing cars or buying new ones in case of RealRacing or daily refilling of life in Candy Crush.

The process is simple.

1) Turn ON Airplane mode to turn off active Data Usage.

2) Go to PHONE/TABLET  settings

3) In there go to Date And Time Settings

4) Turn OFF auto-update of Date & Time.

5) Next change the date or time to the next day (depending upon the waiting time in your game)

6) Open your Game your Cars will be serviced/ new car will be delivered/ daily bonus will be received

7) Turn ON Auto Update of Date & Time and turn OFF Airplane mode..


You’ll be back to normal time without having to wait for newer bonuses or updates!

**This trick can be applied to most of the games having such waiting times.

Please try it and revert if you can find other games that can be tricked into this!! ;)


Step 1) Go into app settings

Step 2)click on App Lock

Step 3)Clear the apps cache(here App Lock’s cache) and force close it

Step 4)Go to Whatsapp(or any app ) which was locked, it will be unlocked now

Step 5)If you were snooping about, then just open and shut App Lock, the apps will get locked again and no trace of app being opened will be left.

GApps Manager

Gapps Manager IconDo you want to try Google Apps (Gapps) made for other android version or to bored to search for specific Google Apps individually?!!

GApps Manager is an app that lets you Download all Google Apps together in a zip file.

Open the app, select the android version whose GApps you wish download (eg.: 2.3.3 / 2.3.4 / 4.1.2 / 4.2 etc…..)

GApps compatible with the ART mode in Kitkat are also available for download.

The app is mainly intended for people who try custom ROMs frequently that don’t have all the Google Apps!
But non-rooted phone users can also take advantage of this app. :)


image  image

In our trials we discovered that if you connected the OTG cable and your standard transfer cable,you can connect 2 devices to transfer data from one device to the other(using the on connected to the OTG cable).

Keep the device on mass storage mode. If you are out of the house and you have your tablet and phone but phone battery is low, you can charge it using the tablets power as long as the phone is not on mass storage mode.

We tried it using a windows phone and an android tablet to charge the phone as windows phone does not support OTG and hence no chance of data transfer but it will charge.

Android Entertainment Centre

Convert your android device into an Entertainment center.


1)Android device of your choice

2)WiFi/3G/4G(preferably unlimited or else you’ll run up a large bill)

3)OTG cable(optional) Pendrive(optional)

4)HDMI out cable if your device supports it(optional)

Procedure: (For streaming movies/videos on sites such as CBS, Netflix, Hulu)

1)Install a vpn app on your device if you live outside the US. We used hotspot shield. Run the app and activate the connection.

2)Now from playstore(your region should automatically change to US. If it doesn’t,get the app from online. All we can say is a search engine is very useful;) ) install the CBS(or Hulu,Netflix,any other such apps). We chose CBS as they have a free option to watch shows. You may install another such app from else where too.

3)Now stream your shows on your device legally and if you have an HDMI out option,you can always connect to watch on your TV or a larger screen).

4)The above method also works on YouTube for watching videos not available in your region.

Procedure:(Watch movies from a pendrive)

1)Install USB OTG checker app to check if your device supports OTG.

2)Buy an OTG cable if you dont have one from here(flipkart   amazon)Connect the cable to your device and a pendrive to the cable.

3)In a file explorer(We used file expert HD) open the movie and enjoy.

4)The above steps can be used to view pictures,listen to music etc also from the pendrive


Here are the links to download/buy the various apps and devices we used.

1) Hotspot Shield-playstore link

2) CBS-playstore link

3)OTG cable-flipkart amazon

4)HDMI cable-flipkart amazon

5)File Explorer HD-playstore link

6)USB OTG Checker-playstore link

If you have any doubts please leave a comment and we’ll get back to you

The page Bypassing File Hiding Apps has been updated to a Reader Friendly version and another app Hide Something has been bypassed.

Make sure you have a look at the post!

Link :



  • Make sure you have enabled “show hidden files” in your file manager
  • Now look for a folder with name .pg
  • Withing the .pg folder there will be folders like (DCIM, Whatsapp Images, Instagram, Downloads etc..) from where your images were hidden
  • Now go to you desired folder.Your images will be there but their extension will be changed
  • So simply change their extension from  ‘‘ to ‘.jpg

And you have successfully retrieved your files!


Picture locker

“When I show you a picture on my phone,doesn’t mean I gave you permission to scroll through my pictures!!”
This is what goes through our mind quite often.
The solution is simple…hide the pictures you dont want people to see.
Picture locker for windows phone is a simple to use app.
You can import/export multiple pictures and create folders even for them.
Still think someone might see them? Well then there’s an option to further protect the folder by hiding it.
Now unless someone knows you app password,they can access your hidden pictures.
The pictures are encrypted. Since my phone is rooted,I used a file explorer app to open the folder where the app data exists. The pictures were stored in an encrypted format which is tied to your device id(to the extent that even thumbnails and labels are encrypted). So no bypassing file hiding app tricks like in android can be used.
You can even click pictures using the in app camera option to directly save the pictures. The app is picture hub integrated and the files can be also backed up to SkyDrive.
Our advice…go grab it now at


now visit appcyla by going to also

Google play 4.5.10

Google started pushing version 4.5.10 of the Play Store app to devices. It’s not a major update, but it does add in the feature of letting you know if an app has in-app purchases. You will also find a bigger 5-star rating selector along with a new edit button for editing your app reviews. You can now finally delete them as well.

Also new is an activity feed that continues the integration with Google+. You can share your activity to Google+ including your +1s, ratings, etc.

You should get the update on your device within the next few days, but if you’re one of those people that’s gotta have it now, then click on the download link below. Enjoy!!
Download apk

source: AndroidSpin

Google Play Newsstand

Converted_file_72573a94It has been sometime since we lost our dear Google Reader.. But Google has made up for that loss!

You surely know about Google Magazine.. Users in Asia may not because unfortunately it wasn’t available for them!!

But the new update of Google magazine replaces it with GOOGLE PLAY NEWSSTAND. 

It is available for all countries!(as far as we know). You can search the Play Store and get it.

The Play Neswsstand features the regional news channels feeds and subscription to all major sites like Techcrunch, Verge etc.. It brings back the RSS  subscription! You can directly search for your required feed in the top search bar and you’ll get a separate section of Feeds matching your search!!

It certainly seems that Google plans to dominate almost every aspect of your android user experience!!

Make sure you Download and try out the app!


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As truly mention on the timeline of their website



We were lucky to get a beta access code from the developers.. If you want the invites be sure to EMAIL US or the developers!!

 Now to the app!

It is perfect if your are busy bee or even for a normal person.. All your apps and your weather calendar activities are perfectly organised a simple homescreen..

Swipe left and your apps are alphabetically organised!! Swipe right and you have your settings and launchers options!!

The main screen shows a picture or a picture frame on top and below that the AVIATE  automatically puts up shortcuts of the most frequently used apps!! (Which you can change ofcourse)

Very clean UI with simple and colourfull design  three homescreens to swipe across!!

if you are tired of those boring launchers with separate apps to manage your daily needs then THIS IS A MUST HAVE APP!!

  • Wake up, and Aviate automatically brings you weather and your meetings for the day
  • When driving, Aviate automatically gives you traffic and directions home
  • Out to dinner, Aviate automatically shows you photos, tips and reviews for your favorite restaurant.

The app will make you want to use your phone even more!! :P

Again.. If you want the invites be sure to EMAIL US or the developers!!

Link :

Converted_file_d2e23476 Converted_file_0df7d469  Converted_file_179b9c2c Converted_file_c8551fb8

Originally posted on AppCyla:

We at Appcyla enjoy finding back doors in android apps. Just because you have locked an app, it doesn’t mean nobody can access it. We’re going to explain this with the help of an example so you can try our method.

Consider the app you have locked is Whatsapp(majority people lock this app) and the app used to lock is AppLock(now even AVG!!!)

Step 1) Check to see if phone settings are locked.

if not locked,proceed to step 2, else wait for our future post explaining a bypass for this.

Step 2) Go into app settings

Step 3)click on AppLock(or whatever lock app is there)

Step 4)Clear the apps cache(here AppLock’s cache) and force close it

Step 5)Go to Whatsapp(or any app ) which was locked, it will be unlocked now

Step 6)If you were snooping about, then just open and shut AppLock, the apps will get locked…

View original 102 more words

We managed to bypass the app lock feature in AVG antivirus( for android in a manner similar to previous app(AppLock)….check the full procedure at

Just follow the steps as before and you’ll have another app which proved that “your locked app is not really secure”


Converted_file_0c859f74Podbay as the name indicates is an app to Discover new podcasts!

  • You can search for new new podcasts based on categories!
  • Online streaming of poscasts
  • Create a list of favorites for easy access in future

The best feature of this app is the retro interface!! Absolutely awesome!

Unfortunately you cannot download the podcasts!!I find this app better than other podcast apps sparing the download option. We hope to see this feature soon in the next update!

So go ahead and check it out..


Converted_file_9ad10acb Converted_file_858ae11a Converted_file_bd1011bf


The time has come when technology has taken away our spare time. One of the main contributing sources is the smartphone category and its wide range of messaging applications. Whenever we are free, we message someone to “talk to”. Before the advent of smartphones and their variety of apps, calling and SMS were used. Not many people used SMS because the cost of every message made unnecessary conversation a burden. People used to call and talk but now everyone wants to multitask and for free..why call one person(or use conference where everyone speaks at the same time leading to confusion) when you could “talk” to many for free. Would I rather sit searching for signal and then talk to someone int he phone,unable to watch a movie with the volume high or listening to music or would I prefer messaging someone for free and do all this other stuff too?…I have seen the trend change..from 500 SMS’s that I sent in a month,I now send probably 2.
My verdict is that Whatsapp(they should be proud of themselves… I think they’ve dominated the messaging market) killed SMS and also calling partly…(at least for me)
People prefer messaging as you get time to think, you have a previous conversation you can refer to, you can avoid people too.
Due to the FREE factor and the above mentioned, all we do now is…message long forwarded jokes all the way to the irritating”k”.
It’s time that messaging apps come with custom keyboards that optimize app usage. Whatsapp has the widest reach in terms of number of supported devices(Symbian anyone??) and will dominate till someone comes up with selective telepathic messaging :P
Whatsapp we believe more convenient than bbm as we can communicate with people who dont have iPhones or android phones with ICS and above….well this is my view and im a windows phone user :D so its obvious.
Till then keep messaging and let us know which app you use and whether messaging has changed your life.

NEXUS 5 is here and so are its WALLPAPERS


or grab them all here-ALL


Series Guide

The Big Bang Theory, How I met Your Mother, White Collar …. these TV  shows have fans all over the world no matter what language they speak!!  This app Series Guide will make sure you don’t miss even a single episode of your favorite show!

Series Guide powered by the online TV Shows and Movie website keeps tack of your favorite shows and movies! The app features per episode details that includes a short summary of the episode!!

Set up notifications about the air date of the show!! Add your existing account to backup your data or your show details

You can also add also add widgets on your homescreen to keep track of the movie release dates and show timings! The app is full of amazing UI, movie and few shots from the episode!

Keep a separate counter of episodes watched and collected..

The shows timings are as per the US air dates so kindly check for them accordingly


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Multi shot really long scrolling horizontal panoramas are now old and boring.

With photosynth, create 360 degree panoramas.

Create a sphere of shots and capture your complete surroundings in one picture. The rendering is slightly slow due to high image quality and the process of clicking takes a little getting used to, but the end result is breath taking.

Windows Phone store link- Photosynth

Photosynth  Photosynth  Photosynth



If you have a problem remembering things,this app is for you!!

I personally find reminders quite irritating as they go off when i don’t want them to and they don’t constantly remind me that something has to be done.

This is where StickyTiles comes in….simply type what you want,adjust font size,tile color and pin to your start screen to have that constant reminder.

Great for remembering assignments, payments due etc, and works just like your sticky notes do.

The app is very easy to use and is very light on the system and your phone memory.

Windows phone store link- StickyTiles

StickyTiles   StickyTiles  StickyTiles

Bypassing Keepsafe App

We have found a way around for the keepsafe app.
Go to the link below to see how to bypass the app.


Swipe Pad- Hyperspace Launcher

All Apps Anywhere!!

This App is like a secondary mini launcher that allows you to access your favourite apps, contacts,posts etc. anytime! You can launch anything from withinn any app.

  • Select the app/contact/social account/folder for a particular slot
  • Select the desired HOTSPOTS on the screen
  • Touch and drag your finger from there to see  a secondary(Hyperspace) overlay menu
  • Drag your finger onto the desired slot to open
  • Minimum RAM consumption so doesn’t cause lag on the phone

This App really looks cool when in use!! :)

So go ahead and try it out.

Converted_file_2bd8ca18 Converted_file_27bbfb67 Converted_file_456102a4 Converted_file_9854325c Converted_file_bf3843f4



Root Explorer


**Rooted Devices Only**

This is the Ultimate Rot Explorer for rooted android devices!

All the features of a File Explorer and a Root Explorer have been bundled into a simple yet powerful app.


  • Support for multiple Windows/Tabs
  • Dropbox, Box and Google Drive and network(SMB) support
  • Background running of process and cancel a long running task
  • Built-in SQLite database viewer , APK xml viewer
  • Extract and create zip/tar/gzip files easily

Just like your PC you can select how to open particular files by default with OPEN WITH which has options for SQL Viewer, Linux Shell, APK Handler or even a Particular Activity Of an App and many more…(LOVE IT!!)

  • Easy Mount and remount System storage and set permissions

If you have a ROOTED DEVICE this is a recommended app!!

Converted_file_c9d544a7  Converted_file_90d0f996 Converted_file_75e221f2 Converted_file_62565487 Converted_file_cc64c50cConverted_file_705f624c

Link :





BlackBerry’s messaging service will be available to Android users from noon on Saturday 21 September and will roll out to iPhone users on Sunday 22 September.

Till then please beware of the many fake apps floating about

We found a leaked version which turned out to be the actual one…on registration we got an email from blackberry, however app got stuck on setting up…all we can now do is wait for official release
Update- the leaked version now works…interface is nearly same as bbm on bb devices

Orientation lock

Orientation lock
All windows phone users know how irritating it is when you’re messaging or using your phone while lying down and the screen orientation keeps changing as you keep moving.
Holding the phone in one position is very irritating. Unlike android users, we can’t put the rotate screen option off. However if your phone is interop/dev unlocked or you can side load applications using a XAP deployer,you can install the app orientation lock created by windowsphonehacker. Its adds this basic functionality without any frills…a simple slider switch for on and off.
Simply hold the phone such that the screen orientation is the one you want and slide the switch to lock. Now you can rotate your phone as much as you like and still not worry about the screen constantly rotating.

Watch the demo and read more or download the xap here- Orientation lock

orientation lock Orientation lock

Gallery Lock has been Bypassed!! check it out on the Bypass File Hiding Apps page
The Bypass file Hiding page has been organised and made easy to understand!!
So go ahead and have a look!!


Converted_file_e0a22e02 NoLED is a lockscreen LED style Notification app. This app was mainly developed for those devices lacking a LED notification light.

This is Android Customized!!!

This app is light on your device memory.. Storage as well as RAM!

It features the following notifications:

  1. Basic Missed call, message notifications
  2. Email (K9 and Gmail have their own settings)
  3. Support for third-party apps like Whatsapp
  4. Charging Indicator
  5. Voice messages and Google Talk are also supported

There are various other options which you can try to customize your notifications!


Converted_file_08ec1553 Converted_file_fe63fcfd Converted_file_d5463589 Converted_file_c1458e09

Link :

We at Appcyla enjoy finding back doors in android apps. Just because you have locked an app, it doesn’t mean nobody can access it. We’re going to explain this with the help of an example so you can try our method.

Consider the app you have locked is Whatsapp(majority people lock this app) and the app used to lock is AppLock(now even AVG!!!)

Step 1) Check to see if phone settings are locked.

if not locked,proceed to step 2, else wait for our future post explaining a bypass for this.

Step 2) Go into app settings

Step 3)click on AppLock(or whatever lock app is there)

Step 4)Clear the apps cache(here AppLock’s cache) and force close it

Step 5)Go to Whatsapp(or any app ) which was locked, it will be unlocked now

Step 6)If you were snooping about, then just open and shut AppLock, the apps will get locked again and no trace of app being opened will be left.

Now from all this we can see that simply locking an app is not enough. Majority people only lock an app and not settings and package installer and file explorer(and apps for file exploring and access etc like titanium backapp)

Here is how to secure your app

1)lock settings

2)lock package installer

3)lock all file explorers

4)put the option to install apps from unknown source off(use only when you need it) as someone could easy install an app from browser to access files etc

5)Lock the app you want to secure

The Post Bypass File Hiding Apps has been updated!!

Detailed information of some specific apps added! Go ahead and check it out.


photofunia logo

PhotoFunia for windows phone

Everybody wants an app to add effects to their pictures. With PhotoFunia, you can be on a magazine cover,a billboard,on TV etc. You can add frames, filters etc. With 362 effects and more being added, you don’t need to keep adding the same filter…Go Unique. The app is relatively small compared to other apps as all the effects are online..all you need to do is select the picture and the effect and apply it, the app handles the rest. The only drawback is that if you’re in an area with no network or have a slow net speed, the app will be worthless as the app needs WiFi or 3G.

All said, try this app and you’ll probably keep using it.

Marketplace link-PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia PhotoFunia PhotoFunia

Note: All image manipulation is performed in the cloud therefore WiFi or 3G connection is required for application to work.

Settle Up

Converted_file_14aea216 Never worry about the cash payments among your group of friends!! No more asking ‘who do i have to pay’ or ‘you still have to pay me’!! Simply enjoy the outing and let this app do all the work!

This app Settle Up keeps track of the exact account of your group members!!

Simply enter the members of the group and who paid exactly what!! The App automatically calculates and tells you who  has to pay the remaining and to whom!!

  • Create multiple groups of friends
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • You can attach an image of the bill or receipt to a particular payment!
  • In case of families or couples : Support for UNEVEN Split!!

The new upcoming features in the app are simple great! Cheers!!

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Ever wanted to access data on your pendrive from your tablet or phone?? Now you can!!

All you need is the following:

1)media importer app/otg app

2) otg cable available on amazon or flipkart  (direct link here)

3)your device(please confirm that it supports otg)

and you are good to go.

Stay posted for more….We’ll be publishing an in depth video review of this soon!!! Till then enjoy our other posts. and thank you for your continued support!!

Top Data Managers

Check out these data monitoring app for your ANDROID!!
Click on the Link below:
Top data managers
Without internet Android is as good as a solid brick!!

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Flash cinema

Ever tried to stream TV shows and movies on your phone?? You can’t…that’s because windows phone does not support flash. Well here’s an app which solves that problem. Flash cinema has a list of sites from which you can stream and download within the app(thank you because transferring from PC to phone via Zune is pain).Though the sites are fixed and limited, its worth using. We have only tried
The app works smoothly and does what it has to,however we’d have liked it to have had a web browser option.
Go grab it today and enjoy your favorite shows and movies on the go!!(we don’t encourage piracy and tubeplus has a disclaimer which puts their site on the borderline).

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This is one of the most fascinating glitches of windows phone. You can have a transparent lock screen wallpaper. While sliding the lock screen up to unlock, the wallpaper becomes transparent and from certain parts you can even see the underlying tiles or running app!!!
It’s quite easy to do this. Here are the steps:-
1)Either google,create or use the sample wallpapers i have provided.
2)Make sure the format is png while downloading or creating.
3)**MOST IMPORTANT STEP**DO NOT SAVE THE PICTURE ON YOUR WINDOWS PHONE.(it will automatically get converted to a jpg and the trick will not work)
4)to get the file on the phone email it to an account on your phone.You can use the share picture function in your phone browser itself or use your computer to do so.
5)download the image from the email and select use as wallpaper(once again do this directly without saving to the phone).
6)You are all set to enjoy this glitch.
NOTE-if you have a lock screen password, disable it for best effects or else instead of seeing the underlying screen, you will see a copy of your keypad(this too is fascinating and worth checking out)

also get them at

Want to Root Your phone?

Are you a newbie to the android world?
And are you keen to know about rooting and how to do it?!!

If you really want to root your phone and are confused about how to do it, Send us your requests by Email ( or Twitter(@appcyla).

Send us your phone model and Developer Id and we’ll send you the files required to root and guide you perfectly!




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